Our Commitment

In this value-based learning community, we strive to give your child the best care possible. We teach them about sustainable living, including how to grow their own food, take care of farm animals and to tread lightly on the Earth.

We use organic food in caring for our children.

We reuse and recycle as much as we can. Each classroom has recycled paper baskets and the children are taught how to use them. Our kitchen has recycled containers that we place all other recycling in. We save paper and thereby trees by using technology to disseminate information as much as possible. Whenever paper is used, it is made of recycled material.

The more we learn about how to best care for our earth, the more we add to our own commitments.


Good afternoon all,

Iā€™m sorry that I forgot to tell you all how much we raised for Heifer International this year with our Read To Feed program! It was a whopping $1110!

The Sprouts and Elementary voted today on purchasing the following:

Milk Menagerie ā€“ $1000 ā€“ This supplies families with a Heifer, two goats and a water buffalo ā€“ all to be used for milk, cheese or yogurt, along...