The First Weeks at School

Dear Parents:

Here are a few important items to note regarding you and your child’s first weeks at school.

  1. On the first day of school, please send in a complete change of clothes for us to keep on hand in case of accidents. We will keep these clothes in labeled containers for your child’s use. If we send home wet or dirty clothes, please remember to replace the spare clothing for the next incident. Some suggestions are as follows (remember, space is limited in the bins):
    • Shirt
    • Pants
    • 2 pairs of socks
    • 2 pairs of underwear (for those recently toilet trained, you may want to add a few extras to the supply)
  2. Your child must be outfitted with a backpack every day they come to school. Your child’s projects and any extra items will be sent home via the backpack.
  3. Your child must bring and leave a pair of slippers to keep in his/her locker. Your child will use these whenever we come in from outside. Please make sure they are well-fitting and will not slip off when the child walks.
  4. LABEL,LABEL,LABEL EVERYTHING!!! If we do not see your child’s personal items labeled, we will do so for you. This will avoid a huge inventory of lost and found items.
  5. Full Day children should bring in a complete lunch with a drink. Please see our Note on Lunches for more detail.
  6. If your child will come early or stay late for extended care, then please send in an appropriate snack. Morning early care can be a small breakfast (already prepared) and afternoon extended care can be a small snack that will be eaten at 4 PM. Please label this extra snack in your child’s lunchbox so it will not be consumed during lunch.
  7. Seedlings students must always come with their own snacks from home. As diets often vary at that age level, we do not charge you a snack fee and expect you to provide two per day if your child stays the entire day, one per day if he/she is part-time.
  8. Please dress your child appropriately for an active day at school and for the weather. We will go outside every day no matter the temperature, unless it is dangerously cold or precipitating. If the temperature is under 20 degrees we take into account the wind, etc. and may choose to stay indoors if conditions suggest it. During season changes it is best to send in a light jacket or sweater in case of chilly mornings. This location can become quite a wind tunnel at times. During the winter months, a snowsuit, hat, mittens and warm boots with warm socks are required. Children not dressed properly will not be able to participate in outside activities and will most likely be upset. Always remember – layering is best!
  9. Separating from your child – During the first few weeks of school (up to 6 weeks), your child may be anxious about separating from you. If you are anxious about leaving your child, he/she will be also and it will be very difficult for you to separate. Our best suggestion is that you leave him/her with a positive comment, a reminder that you will return soon, and then leave as soon as possible. Lingering parents do more damage to their children by prolonging the separation process. We immediately distract crying children with visits to the animals, etc. to help them recover quickly. Should your child continue crying a half hour after your departure, we will call you and discuss the situation. If you have things to discuss with the teacher, it is best to leave it for pick up time when your child is back again with you and ready to go home. Please expect your child to cry when you leave during the first few weeks. It is entirely normal. It is also normal for your child not to cry and then begin crying a month or more after the initial separation. We have had years of experience with this and are comfortable in dealing with these situations.
  10. Sprouts and Elementary students – Unless the weather is inclement, the children will be sent outside to play upon arrival at school in the morning, so please have your child dressed in his/her outside attire upon arrival. At dismissal the children will also be outside playing. Should we remain inside for dismissal due to inclement weather, please wait outside in your car in the proper looping order until we send out the children with a teacher. If you wish to come inside, you must park your car in a space on the edge of the parking lot.
  11. Please remember that when you drop off and pick up your child, you must sign in and out your child. The staff will present you with sign in/out sheets upon your arrival.
  12. If you are using our Extended Care program, you must also sign the Extended Care Booklet. Failure to do so may result in a flat fee charge for the approximate care time which will exceed the normal per hour fee.