When I say I have looked all over the world for something like Fields of Green, I literally mean it. We have lived in America, Malta, Xabia (Spain), Greece and Scotland since having our son four years ago. In every place we have toured and looked into several schools. Of all of them we have enrolled our children in two and of those two we have only been happy with one - and that's Fields of Green.

What you have here is a home away form home. It is big enough to expand the children's horizons but small enough to feel like a village. The staff really care. This is not just a job for them AND IT SHOWS! The ethos reflects our own parenting point of view perfectly from their view on discipline to environmentalism. I really feel like part of a community. When the staff say, "This is Finlay's mom," I honestly feel like they care for both Finlay and myself - I really feel like we genuinely matter to them. Sincerity and genuineness are two qualities severely lacking in today's society but every member of staff at Fields of Green seem to exude them from their very core.

As a stay at home mom I have the option to be home 24/7 with my boys. I am only willing to give that responsibility to someone else when I feel that they will do as good a job as I do. I have found this little slice of bliss at Fields of Green. There is NOTHING like the peace of mind of knowing your children will be looked after to the very highest standard in the most sensitive way.

I was speaking about the school to a friend of mine in Wales who homeschools her daughter and she asked for a link to the school site. When I asked her what she thought she said she had to stop reading as she felt so emotional reading about the ethos that she actually got teary-eyed. She said it sounded like the most perfect school if she could have written down everything she would want in a school for her daughter. So who knows? Maybe we will have more foreigners joining us soon!

She was right, though. I spent two years sighing and wishing I could transport Fields of Green with me on our adventures in Europe. Finally when we had the choice to go back to Scotland or return to Vernon, we chose to come back here. There really is nowhere else with such a perfect chemistry of personalities in such a lovely, cozy setting.

Sincerely, Victoria Johnson

Victoria Johnson - 2016