When my daughter was four, my husband and I were looking for a preschool that would fit our requirements as parents (safe, nurturing and child-centered) as well as something that would fit with her natural curiosity toward her environment. We looked at a few schools but as soon as we found Fields of Green, we looked no further. Interestingly, the day we visited was between the end of the camp season and beginning of school when no children were present. All the other schools we visited had children at them. While we as parents felt FOG was a no brainer, our daughter was not. She wanted to go to school where there were going to be other children! Happily, despite the a tough goodbye scene with mommy, it took her all of five minutes to settle in to her new school, make many new friends and she hasn’t regretted one minute of her seven years at FOG. In fact, the natural learning process where she chooses her focus has helped her engage with many different subjects and to challenge herself when she is ready, not when the adults around her think she should. At the beginning of her fifth grade year, she set herself the challenge to learn her times table once and for all. With Ms. Deb’s encouragement and added incentive of building a sundae from spoon to toppings with each level mastered, she was able to eat her full sundae this past week. If she had been rushed into learning it at the time her teachers thought she should instead of when she was ready, she would have had much anxiety and less of a feeling of pride and accomplishment at her achievement. Learning all 11x’s tables was her success and she truly earned it.

It was because of her flourishing in this educational environment since she was four that has kept us returning year after year and sending our son for the past two years. I’m not sure I would have known about his love for the natural sciences or history at the age of six if he were anywhere else.

We are grateful that we live in a place that we have Fields of Green available to us. Our plan is to stay until they graduate, which is good since our children tell us they won’t go anywhere else!

The Richter Family, March 2018