At the risk of sounding repetitive, we could not be more appreciative of all that you do for -and are to - our Grayson. On another note, the attention you've given ME this year warrants its own acknowledgment.

As my son's teacher, you've become his hero -- something I wished for but didn't necessarily expect; as a person you are my gauge for what patience and compassion for the non-linear-thinking, right-brained child should be or looks like.

I am grateful for the feeling that I have at drop off everyday - that my little guy is appreciated, protected, guided and appropriately disciplined with an eye toward making him his best self.

It is such an amazing thing when you are fortunate to find a "Miss Deb" to fill in the gaps of a mom's questioning self at times. Your efforts are legion and understood as such. Thank you a million times over.

Spring 2016

Meredith Walling