I started at Fields of Green because I felt a Montessori education was a good match for my (then) 3 year old daughter. I stayed because we became part of a family.

One of my favorite things about this school is the reinforcing of similar family values. Caring for the environment, respect for yourself and others, learning at an individual pace, exposure to animals and some good, old-fashioned, outdoor playtime are just a few. All of the children are involved in recycling, composting and reducing waste. Organic snacks are served. Healthier, sustainable choices are always recommended. When a student chooses a work and puts it on their mat another student may not disturb their mat or work. Just as in real life nobody says you cannot ride a motorcycle, however you cannot ride it across your neighbor's property.

When my daughter was learning to write she scribbled out a lot of lines on a lot of paper. She brought the pages to school and asked a teacher to help her make it into a book. The teacher instantly replied that they could get the stapler and do exactly that.

All of the children at Fields of Green get a realistic exposure to live animals. From fabulous Pheona taking her place in the Elementary classroom to bunnies and birds in the Sprouts and Seedlings. Elementary students learn responsibility of caring for the animals from turtles and rats to chickens and goats. And then there is simply the fact that kids need to be outside! Outdoor lunches are a favorite for the students.

Lifelong skills are taught in a Montessori classroom. It starts in the Seedlings room with putting on your own coat. In the Sprouts room a weekly sharing time sets the basis for future public speaking, something feared by so many adults. Elementary students rely heavily on time management to ensure that the required work is done before optional learning activities. The teachers get to know the children and nurture their individualities along with group learning.

Fields of Green is more than just a school - it's a second home.

Meagan Arnold - January 2013