Our son Alex is currently the only 1st grader, and I can't begin to tell you how thrilled we've been with his progress.

We were a little concerned at first as he was the only Kindergarten student who stayed on, but he was welcomed so warmly by the other students that he felt right at home from the beginning.

He has loved each and every day, and as parents it makes out job so much easier when going to school isn't viewed as a chore.

Academically, Alex is ahead of his public school peers. Miss Debbie and Miss Syndie keep him challenged, and in the encouraging and supportive atmosphere they provide, he has already surprised himself by succeeding at tasks we never dreamed he would face in first grade (from geographic research and written and oral presentations on Cyprus, Yemen, Nepal, and Mongolia to sculture and oil painting).

He has never been overwhelmed, but instead encouraged to explore his interests and the world around him to the best of his ability.

Being in a classroom with older, more advanced students has caused him to set his sights higher. He has learned to set his own goals and achieve them, to be a self-starter and to love learning for it's own sake.

We couldn't be happier.