Hi Debbie,

First of all I want to say hi and hope all is well.

Secondly , I just want to express our gratitude to you and your school for giving our children such a wonderful foundation and love of learning that I credit you for over and over again.

I just came from a meeting at the middle school and Jameson and Max were chosen for a study with Johns Hopkins University , they have tested within the top 3% within their state and qualify for this study. They will be taking the SATs with junior and senior high school students in January (they are 7th graders now).

Morgan just took a weekend trip with the high school honors language arts department to Boston, Morgan, Hadley and Brianna all are in the same Honors/AP classes and they visited Boston University, Northeastern and Harvard along with a literary tour starting in Salem. Morgan’s AP bio teacher told her today that she has a classic science brain when she took her lunch period to argue her point on a test question that her teacher agreed with and gave her additional credit.

I love watching these kids thrive and I can’t help but credit you for your passion teaching these kids.

Thank You! We wish you all the best. I hope you are proud, you deserve it.

Cheryl Parker

Cheryl Parker