We are so delighted that our grandchildren, Michael and Shane, are attending "Fields of Green". Being at the school with them on many occasions we have seen first hand the close, loving relationships between students and teacher and among the students. Having been involved in education for many years, we understand the value to the young child of such a nurturing atmosphere in order for them to maximize the developmental opportunities at the school. Our grandchildren look forward to getting to school and when they arrive they immediately become engrossed in their friends and activities.

It is also impressive that the students are given significant responsibility to tailor their lessons and projects to the own interests, talents and needs. The teachers appear very capable in giving expert individual attention to each student so that the student feels and receives the support for success. Good examples of such success are the amazingly challenging plays each year that are so well done by the youngsters.

The introduction of animals to the classroom may not be unique, but the expansion of the children's exposure to the responsibilities of taking care of the animals both inside and outside the classroom lends an important additional ingredient to their personal development. Of course this adds considerable additional with for you and your staff. You all are to be congratulated for these added duties.

Again, thank you for building a wonderful educational experience for our grandchildren.

Arlene and Richard Calogero