Connor will be graduating high school with high honors in June. After graduating from Fields of Green, he entered Sussex Tech and has achieved honors/high honors every marking period since. He will be continuing his education in Science and Mathematics. We know the strong foundation he was taught there made this possible. So many fond memories. We appreciate all you do for the students!

Peggy Shillcock - 2021

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Maxx will be graduating with honors in June. He fondly remembers nature walks and identifying animal tracks with you. He will be starting at the University of St. Joseph's, gong into Pre-Med.

Karen Hartmann - 2021

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I love parent teacher conference days, especially during Covid when we have less interaction at drop off and pick up. What’s you’re favorite thing about FOG?
For me, at the moment, it’s forest school and all that our kids are experiencing and learning in a different way. The relationships among families, students, with teachers and families is a close second (maybe tied for first 🙂 -Jen...

FOG Facebook Parents Chats

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Hi Miss Deb,

(After an email to parents about the fact that dirt is a big part of being at FOG.)

I love this message in so many ways!!! Well said. I love every spec of dirt that my kids bring home from FOG. I know that when they are there they are truly engaged in learning from a whole child/ whole body perspective. Life is about digging in an learning through your senses. There is no...

Meaghan McHugh 2018

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When my daughter was four, my husband and I were looking for a preschool that would fit our requirements as parents (safe, nurturing and child-centered) as well as something that would fit with her natural curiosity toward her environment. We looked at a few schools but as soon as we found Fields of Green, we looked no further. Interestingly, the day we visited was between the end of the camp...

The Richter Family, March 2018

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Dear Miss Deb, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for Fields of Green and for the work of you and your staff. Jill and I have no doubt that sending our son Evander to your school for two years of preschool was the best possible educational decision we could have made. From the very beginning, Van has loved your school and flourished there. His language/conversational skills rival t...

Kathy Jones & Jill Bottomley, June 2017

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When I say I have looked all over the world for something like Fields of Green, I literally mean it. We have lived in America, Malta, Xabia (Spain), Greece and Scotland since having our son four years ago. In every place we have toured and looked into several schools. Of all of them we have enrolled our children in two and of those two we have only been happy with one - and that's Fields of ...

Victoria Johnson - 2016

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At the risk of sounding repetitive, we could not be more appreciative of all that you do for -and are to - our Grayson. On another note, the attention you've given ME this year warrants its own acknowledgment.

As my son's teacher, you've become his hero -- something I wished for but didn't necessarily expect; as a person you are my gauge for what patience and compassion for the non-linear...

Meredith Walling

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A day in the school life of my nine-year-old daughter is not at all how I envisioned her days would be. When I sent her off to kindergarten just a few years ago, I never thought that she would one day be gathering chicken eggs and feeding birds during her hours at school. Yet here she is, getting off the school bus wiser every day, learning not only history and math, but compassion and generosi...

The gift of a Montessori education – by Amy Sampson-Richardson

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I started at Fields of Green because I felt a Montessori education was a good match for my (then) 3 year old daughter. I stayed because we became part of a family.

One of my favorite things about this school is the reinforcing of similar family values. Caring for the environment, respect for yourself and others, learning at an individual pace, exposure to animals and some good, old-fashion...

Meagan Arnold - January 2013

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Hi Debbie,

First of all I want to say hi and hope all is well.

Secondly , I just want to express our gratitude to you and your school for giving our children such a wonderful foundation and love of learning that I credit you for over and over again.

I just came from a meeting at the middle school and Jameson and Max were chosen for a study with Johns Hopkins University , they have...

Cheryl Parker

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Ms. Debbie has done a lot for me over the last 5 years. Whether it was teaching me new skills, or cheering me up when I felt down. Ms. Debbie was the best teacher that I have ever had.

I met Ms. Debbie in the 4th grade. I was looking for a new school to go to because my old one had too many people who were mean (including teachers). When I got to Fields of Green, I felt like I could be s...

Nicole Miller

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Fields of Green Montessori School is a place where mother nature looks down and smiles upon us. Just close your eyes and imagine lush green fields, trees rustling in the wind, big yellow sunflowers and the sound of children's laughter echoing all around.

In the middle of it all sits a big red barn and a 250 year old farmhouse. Because it's a house, the children learn in a very laid-back and ...

Colleen Phalon

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Miss Debbie,

I want to send a heart felt thank you for all that you have done for my child Nicole. It is apparent that your school, your staff and you personally had a great influence over my daughter's future.

When my daughter first started at your school, you immediately had evaluated her weaknesses and strengths. In having such foresight and immediately tailoring her education progra...

Elisa (Nicole's Mom)

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Ms. Debbie,

What a vision you have realized with your wonderful school! I want you to know how grateful we are for Field of Green and the wonderful teachers and staff and children that make it so special.

I appreciate how much care and attention my children get...but even more it pleases me to see them become more independent and confident in themselves.

Thank you. Merry Christmas to...

Nicole, Paul, and family

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Dear Debbie,

We would like to thank you and your staff for giving our son, Aaron, a wonderful start to his school career. Until we found your school we were in a quandary as to how to educate our special child. We are both all too familiar with the standard education. Jay's a teacher with 28 years of experience in the NYC schools and I have worked as a Physical Therapist in various schoo...

Laurie and Jay Cohen

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Our son Alex is currently the only 1st grader, and I can't begin to tell you how thrilled we've been with his progress.

We were a little concerned at first as he was the only Kindergarten student who stayed on, but he was welcomed so warmly by the other students that he felt right at home from the beginning.

He has loved each and every day, and as parents it makes out job so much easier w...


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We are so delighted that our grandchildren, Michael and Shane, are attending "Fields of Green". Being at the school with them on many occasions we have seen first hand the close, loving relationships between students and teacher and among the students. Having been involved in education for many years, we understand the value to the young child of such a nurturing atmosphere in order for them ...

Arlene and Richard Calogero

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