Zoe Makofske


Zoë Makofske came to teaching full circle after beginning her college career in 1997 as a music education major. During her undergraduate studies, she discovered her deep love of jazz and left ambitions of teaching behind in order to devote herself to studying American popular music. Ten years later, she realized she still wanted to teach!

Zoë now holds her MAT in music education from Montclair State University. She taught public school music for five years but never quite felt like she fit into the mold. After she had her own children, she developed a strong interest in alternative education. In her search for a school that would be a good fit for her young sons, she discovered Fields of Green. She and her family took a tour and found out Miss Deb was looking for a music teacher--and the rest is history! Zoë is beyond thrilled to be joining the staff at Fields of Green and for her children to begin their journey here as well.