Sprouts Program

Our Program

We view our "Sprouts" (ages 3 to 6) as one would healthy young plants, growing stronger and taller with each passing day, ready to bloom in their sunny environment. In our Sprouts Program, the children explore their learning environment with wonder, fresh minds and eager spirits.

The children in this class have many places in to visit within the course of their day - Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, Science, Geography, Music, Art and Drama. As a part of the Montessori philosophy, we observe the children carefully in their environment as their brains truly guide them to the areas that they are processing at any given moment. When a child approaches an area to work in, the teacher, after having observed the child over a period of time, knows just what lesson to give the child to meet him or her at exactly the point needed in the curriculum that is applicable to that individual child.

Such a form of educating children allows for a great sense of self-esteem and self-confidence that is built with each successful lesson.

A multi-aged classroom also is true to the philsophy's foundation designed by Maria Montessori. The young look to the older children, their peers, for positive role modeling which is provided naturally in this classroom. The older children gladly help their younger friends and thus reinforce the skills and lessons within themselves that they already know. It's the perfect peer setting!