Seedlings Program

Our Program

We view our little ones as Seedlings here at Fields of Green, just poking their little heads above the ground, drinking in the sunlight and warmth, soon to become blossoming flowers.

Montessori toddler programs are the best place to begin your child's educational experiences. Children this age need a safe place and loving attention to feel free to explore their surroundings. The quality of an adult's assistance in introducing real life activities to a toddler lays the foundation for a healthy interconnectedness of the social, emotional, and cognitive development of the child.

The most fundamental need of any human is to belong. In a Montessori toddler Program, children are made to feel respected and honored and needed. Simple tasks such as setting the table, helping to fold clothes and others help the child to feel as if he or she is contributing, therefore feeling a sense of belonging.

The Faculty

Our Montessori teachers are all certified for the levels they are teaching. In Montessori certification programs, each teacher certifies at each three-year age period by undergoing intensive study at accredited institutions of learning. In order for a teacher to achieve certification throughout all of pre-primary, primary, and elementary levels, it takes many years of rigorous study. By certifying this way, however, you can rest assured that your child's teacher is an expert at the age level they are teaching.

Proven Success

Montessori education is known throughout the entire world as a successful form of education. Our students become life-long learners, eager to tackle the greatest of challenges and the confidence and self-esteem that grounds them.