Parking Lot Information

Good afternoon all,

In the beginning of each year we seem to have some parking lot issues, so I wanted to take a moment to clarify our process so we can avoid major traffic jams and angry parents:

  1. As written in your Back to School Booklet, we normally have a loop procedure to drop off and pick up your child. This works well if parents quickly sign their child in and out and then leave promptly. If you plan on staying for even a few minutes to chat with your child's teacher, or if you know your child takes a while to come out of the playground, please then find a parking spot along the front or back of the parking lot and then walk in.

  2. Part of the issue right now is that we have some new staff that are still trying to get to know cars and parents so they can call the child as you pull in the parking lot to save some time. This will ease up in time as the staff get to know everyone and their vehicles.

If we all are mindful and respectful of others during these moments of the day, all will flow smoothly. Thanks so much for your understanding and cooperation about our processes here at FOG.

-Miss Deb