High Point Trip Info

June 6 - 2:57PM

Good afternoon parents,

Please find the attached form for our last day of school High Point beach day. Please realize that we have NO staffing at the school on this, our last day of school. We hope you can all join us! We love to have a comfortable visit with everyone on the last day - it has been a tradition here at Fields of Green for many years.

You can email me your responses, and if your child (Sprouts and older students only) needs a ride to the park, I will pair your child up with a parent who is willing to drive from the school. You can then make an agreement to arrange pick up of your child at the end of the day with your child's chaperone. We truly appreciate each and every parent who offers to help chaperone kids who would otherwise not be able to go if their parent has to work.

Thanks! Miss Deb

Download High_Point_Trip.docx

Science Projects and Biking

June 2 - 12:28PM

Hello Elementary/Middle Parents,

Make sure that your child brings in his/her experiment tomorrow already completed! If the results end up being something that isn't able to be left here or shown, maybe send in some of the materials and also pictures of your child doing the experiment with pics of the results. Please don't email them and ask me to print them out. They have been working on their display boards but we need something physical to go in front of them.

Biking on Monday will take place at 9:30 am. We load up bikes first and then drive to Maple Grange. Aaron has a nice morning planned there for the kids! If you can drive, you can arrive at school late with your child if you want. I won't consider you late on that day if you are driving.


Debra Smorto

Art Show Information

June 1 - 2:17PM

Good afternoon all,

I just heard from Miss Corrie, the Art teacher who is setting up the Art Show for the kids at Open House. She informed me that she will be displaying work from ALL of the students from Seedlings on up, so come and enjoy your child's work in the show on Sunday!

-Miss Deb

Science Fair Projects

June 1 - 2:17PM

Good afternoon Elementary/Middle parents,

In all of this information I've been trying to keep straight I keep forgetting to write to my own class about our Science Fair projects this year. The kids were supposed to take their projects home last Friday to begin at home over the weekend, and since I was in the garden trying to finish up their plantings, most of them forgot to take them.

We only have a couple of days left before Open House, but I am planning on having their projects out and displayed on Sunday. I told the kids that they must conduct the experiments at home (it's a GROSS Science Fair this year! Only a couple of kids refuse to get gross.) and I will take care of their displays at school.

Most experiments we chose together are easy and quick due to the lack of time, so please help your child to finish their experiments and then bring EVERYTHING in from your experiment on Friday.

Thanks, and hold onto your hats because time is passing us by so quickly it feels like a windstorm!

Debra Smorto

Upcoming Reminders

May 27 - 2:23PM

Good afternoon on this balmy day,

From spring in March, back to winter in April, then to fall in May, now we have summer....poor Mother Nature is so confused...

There is a lot of happenings here at FOG for the next couple of weeks. Here is a summary to keep you all straight:

  1. Monday we are closed for Memorial Day.

  2. Tuesday, May 31st, the Elementary/Middle kids have their final swim lessons - same time. Let me know who can drive.

  3. Wednesday, June 1st, the FUN begins! This day will be Movie Day for Sprouts and Field Day for Elementary/Middle. More info to come.

  4. Thursday, June 2nd, Field Day for Sprouts and Seedlings. Elementary/Middle are going to attend the Renaissance Fair Day for Students. More info to come.

  5. Friday, June 3rd is a HALF DAY for all students. Sprouts and Seedlings will have normal work times and Elementary/Middle kids will have Movie Day.

  6. Sunday, June 5th - OPEN HOUSE!!! Please see your invitation that went home in folders. We will be putting out a sign up sheet for volunteers and food today! Come one, come all!!! Bring your friends and family and have a lovely old-fashioned family day!

  7. Monday, June 6th - Sprouts and Seedlings will have another Field Day. Elementary/Middle kids will go to Maple Grange Park with their bikes and experience biking and some trick biking lessons with the famous Aaron Chase! More info to come.

  8. Tuesday, June 7th - Ice Cream Day for all classes! Donations are happily accepted!

  9. Wednesday, June 8th - Last Day of School! We ALL go to High Point State Park Beach for a day of fun in the sun and water! More info will follow on this event.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and as one mom wrote to me,

We will join you in remembering those we lost and those who were left behind. I wish more people would do that in between burgers and beers. It's a sad state of affairs, this war business, but it will apparently go on and on and precious souls will continue to be lost, UNLESS.....

I couldn't have said it any better myself,

-Miss Deb