A Few Notes

October 6 - 2:21PM

Good afternoon on this sunny day!

I would first like to thank Miss Liz and her dad, Dennis, for hosting us at their farm yesterday. It was a delightful visit and the kids completely enjoyed being able to pick and eat the veggies right where they grew! I'm sure the sensorial experience overshadowed all explanations, but that in itself is priceless and valuable learning for all. I know the older kids retained some good knowledge because they wrote about it in their journals in the afternoon. I hope you all go there to try their delicious, truly organic produce that is VERY reasonably priced! As soon as I get a quiet moment I will post the trip on our Facebook page, which, by the way is where we post all of our pictures of goings on in our school. So if you haven't gone to our Facebook page yet, go see what fun things we do here at FOG!

Also, the fall is speeding by so fast I forgot to mention to my Elementary/Middle parents that all next week is Archaeology Week! We are closed on Monday, but every day after that (with the exception of Thursday morning when we go apple picking), the kids will be getting real dirty! Send them in clothes they can get dirty in, with STURDY shoes. NO sandals, crocs, flip flops, rubber boots, etc. Just good sneakers or hiking/work boots. Our resident archaeologist, Geof Purcell, will be our guide through the week as we "dig" in Ancient India.

Don't forget - NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY!

Thanks, -Miss Deb

Picture Info

October 5 - 9:45AM

Good morning!

This week's picture taking sessions went wonderful. Bruce from Forever Studio is always excellent at what he does. Yesterday we sent home more notices about how to view and order your child's school pictures. The notice looks similar to the first one you received, so make sure you read this one carefully. It gives a password for you to get into the right page to view your photos. He either had them up last night or will have them up today if you wish to view them. Since we have lovely natural backgrounds, we always choose to photograph our kids outside and against these rural backgrounds. Enjoy, and if you have any questions, please let me know.

We are sending home booklets from Heifer International that describe our month-long fundraiser entitled "Read to Feed." All families can participate in this fundraiser for the organization whether your child can read or not. You can read to your child and that will count as well. We have been a longtime advocate and supporter of Heifer for many years. This Thursday beginning at 10 am, Heifer is coming to us here at FOG to do some fun and interactive programs with the kids to help them understand about world hunger and how they can help to not only feed others in the world, but help them to help themselves. Heifer is a type of Pay-It-Forward organization and we truly believe in their efforts around the world. Read about how their organization works and I think you too will become avid supporters also. If your child does not normally attend on Thursday, we certainly invite you to come along and stay for the approximate 45 minute program in Miss Caroline's classroom!

Some of the Elementary/Middle kids are doing additional projects with Heifer besides Read to Feed. The Upper Elementary/Middle kids are doing "Chores for Change" and the Middle School kids are going to learn a curriculum called, "Get It." This curriculum is all about world trade and how they can grow up and make better choices when buying products. These projects are being introduced this week so you will receive more info on this as the week progresses.

Let's help our kids learn that they can do a lot to help others in this world!

-Miss Deb

UMAC White Belts Reminder

June 9 - 4:44PM

Dear Parents,

I want to remind the Sprouts families that the United Marital Arts Center (UMAC) is holding a graduation tonight at their location in Warwick to give your kids the white belts they earned during classes here at FOG. If you would like to attend, it begins at 6:15 PM. Nothing is needed, other than the kids.

Enjoy! -Miss Deb

Community Service Vouchers

June 9 - 4:44PM

Good afternoon to all!

I see that several families are unable to find their Community Service Vouchers to complete for credit on their accounts. I am attaching the voucher slips to this email so that those of you who wish to receive credit for any hours worked can fill them out and fax to 973-823-0805, drop off at our drop-off box at the school, or mail to us before accounts must be settled this month.


-Miss Deb

Download Community_Service_Hours_Served.docx

Field Trip Today

June 8 - 9:32AM

Dear Parents,

I have been looking at the weather map and I do not want to cancel today's trip because the kids would be soooooo disappointed, but we can tweek things a bit. I see on the radar map that it should be raining there by about 11:30. We can still meet at the beach and do the program with the park naturalist at 10:30, but once she is done, depending upon how the maps appear by then, we can visit the nature center for a bit and then find an open pavilion and eat our lunches together under shelter and then call it a day by about 12:30.

If parents wish for their kids to swim and become kidsicles before the rain comes, that's ok too. I know that kids often don't care about temperature as much as we do. At least they can play a bit on the beach sand, swim if parents wish, learn some things about the lake and bugs, learn some more in the nature center, eat a hardy lunch, and feel like they've had a good time on their last day.

Let's do it!

-Miss Deb