Fabulous Friday Fun Here at FOG!

November 16 - 10:21AM

Good morning!

This Friday we are having two visitors to our school that will presenting programs to all of the students!

The first is Miss Jan Berlin, from Everything Animals, who will do a live animal program entitled, "What's on the Menu?" that goes along with our yearly theme. She will discuss all about the things that animals eat and will bring along some of her favorite friends! The cost for this will be taken out of your Activity Fees, so no money is needed to send in.

The second is Miss Amanda Hayes, who is an Americorps NJ Watershed Ambassador. She will be teaching the kids all about water and how it is important to all of us. This is a free program.

For those who do not normally attend on Fridays and who wish to share the morning with us, feel free to bring your child and stick around for both programs. Miss Jan will begin her program at 10 am for Seedlings and Sprouts in the Barn Room (Miss Caroline's classroom), and then at 10:30, Miss Amanda will enter and do her program. Figure on an hour or so - a half hour for each program.

We look forward to a Fabulous Friday here at FOG!

-Miss Deb

A Sad Realization

November 15 - 12:58PM

Hello once again,

I forgot to add that one of our mom's noticed yesterday that Place By the Tracks has closed down. It seemed sudden. For those Elementary/Middle kids who ordered lunch from them this week, I have spoken to the kids and they have chosen another item from Healthy Thymes, which we will use now on each 3rd week instead of Place By the Tracks. I will see you individually to let you know how much extra you will have to send in (only a dollar or two).

I am saddened that they went out of business with no warning, and if anyone knows why, I am curious to find out what happened. We have worked with them for years and have always supported them as a local business, integral to the flavor of our town.

-Miss Deb

Some Timely Reminders

November 15 - 12:57PM

Good afternoon on this wonderfully wet day!

We truly need this rain, so let's all rejoice! Here are a few items to note:

  1. I sent out the Read to Feed fundraiser a while back and haven't heard much discussion about it. I decided to extend the program until December 15th, so we can make a holiday contribution to Heifer International. If you have forgotten to begin Read to Feed, get out your information and let's get going to raise some much needed money to help those who have much less than us to help themselves! If you lost your packets and wish to receive a new one, I still have some extras to give out.

  2. This Thursday and Friday is our Soup/Pie Sale. We ask families to donate a pie or quart of soup (in a non-returnable container) right in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Pies will be sold for $10 and a quart of soup will sell for $8. Make sure you label your pie or soup so that we know what kind it will be! This time of year is really nice to go home with some already made dinner and dessert for the same day or even to save it to use during your holiday meal.

  3. For Seedlings and Sprouts - don't forget to send in your items for the Stone Soup we are making next week!

  4. For Elementary/Middle, regarding our P.E. classes - we were unable to secure the bowling alley until November 29th. We will then bowl every Tuesday, same time as usual, for the next four weeks. Today instead, Meredith Walling will teach the kids a yoga class instead. Thanks Meredith!!

  5. For the Elementary/Middle Thanksgiving celebration at my home, we will meet there at 10 am next Tuesday. I am sending home permission slips today, so make sure you check your child's folder. While I'm on the subject of folders, also please make sure that you empty the left side of the folders on a daily basis. Some kids keep coming back with their papers and parents miss important information when this happens.

  6. Thanks to all of you who finally sent in recipes for our cookbook! Now we have enough and Jenn is hard at work creating the book for us to sell as a holiday season gift if you so desire, or just for your own families. There are some great recipes! We will still accept last minute recipes should you still wish to send one or more in.

Any questions?

Have a good day! -Miss Deb


November 7 - 1:52PM

Good afternoon,

This is going to be our last effort to get people to send in recipes for a recipe book we wanted to make as a fundraiser for Thanksgiving - to date we only have 8 recipes that people sent in and we need at least 20 to make a book. We also have the option to have this go toward a Christmas fundraiser, but we were hoping for Thanksgiving. If anyone wishes to send in a favorite recipe at this time, I will give it until the end of this week as a deadline. You can email or hand write your favorite recipe - it should only take a minute.

Thanks so much, Miss Deb

Happy Harvestfest!

October 28 - 5:13PM

Good afternoon to you!

Our annual Harvestfest will take place on Monday and Tuesday morning of next week. Each year, the Elementary/Middle kids prepare games and decorations to put out in the playground, and they monitor their games for the Sprouts and Seedlings. It's a child-led event and it is always very sweet. The older kids are instructed to create decorations that are about harvest or Halloween, but they aren't too "scary." They transform the play house into a "Haunted House" of sorts and they are always proud of their creations and games. This is a time when the older are able to interact and guide the younger, which is an important part of Montessori education.

We ask parents to send in harvest treats on either day for our harvest table - baked goods, fruit platters, creative fall food, hot chocolate or cider, popcorn, etc. All are welcome! The kids love to visit the harvest table to view and taste all of the goodies prepared for them. We thank you ahead of time for helping out!

Costumes will only be worn by Elementary/Middle kids - not Sprouts or Seedlings, and cannot be too scary.

Children who normally attend in the afternoon can come in the morning instead on either of those days - we don't want any of our kids to miss out on the fun!

Looking ahead into November, which will fly by, we always celebrate Thanksgiving in the Seedlings and Sprouts by making Stone Soup from the written story that describes a hungry soldier entering a town and showing the residents that if they all pitch in a little of what they have, they create a tasty community soup. Soon I will send more information on how all of you can participate in that event.

In Elementary/Middle, we make a traditional Thanksgiving meal that we all share together. A few years ago I had the Elementary/Middle kids travel to my home and we prepared and ate our Thanksgiving there. I am considering doing this again because those that were there have very fond memories of their time at my house and have asked if we can do it again. I am also trying to figure out if I did that, which day of the week would be preferable to my families to drive up my way. It is an hour's drive and it would take up most of the day. Consider this a survey, Elementary/Middle parents, and let me know your preferences or ability to drive up on the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before the holiday. If you prefer to have our celebration here at the school, let me know your feelings about that too. I will make my decision based upon the majority of opinions I get.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Deb