Instructions for Next Week - IMPORTANT!!

April 23 - 1:52PM

Dear Families,

Next week can be confusing, so I wanted to make sure you all have this email early to plan your week appropriately. PLEASE READ ALL NOTES CAREFULLY!!! Anything written in bold letters are extremely important.

  1. From Monday through Wednesday, we will be practicing at the church with all of the students. We invite any child who does not normally come on all three days to join us each day from 9 to 11:30. You can drop off your child at 9 AM and pick up your child promptly at 11:30 AM at the school. We have a path that we use to walk back and forth from the church, so please make sure you only come to the school. You can also send your child on their normally scheduled days.

  2. Thursday, May 2nd – This is a Half Day! There is no Extended Care on that day. We ask that you meet us at the church with your child already in costume by 9:30 AM. DO NOT GO TO THE SCHOOL. Every child must be accompanied by a parent. The play begins at 10 AM. All families must park in the front of the church and walk up. Only staff members are allowed to park behind the church. Dismissal is immediately after the play, which should be at about noon.

  3. Friday, May 3rd – This is a Half Day! There is AM Extended Care only. Normally scheduled students will come to school and dismissal is promptly at 11:30. After what we hope is a relaxing and stress free afternoon with your child, we ask that you arrive back at the church at 5:30 PM. The same parking rules apply. The play is at 6 PM. After this show, there is a cast party and ALL are invited to attend and congratulate the kids for a wonderful job done! Cake and juice will be served.

Some other important things to note:

  2. We expect ALL students at both plays. Remember that at least one parent or guardian MUST stay at the church during each showing.
  3. Ticket prices are $10 per adult and $5 per child. Ages 3 and under are free. Enrolled students do not pay. Payment will be collected as you enter the church. Checks or cash is acceptable.
  4. Invite your family and friends! We want to show our kids as much support as possible during this important time of the year!!!

Any questions??? Now’s the time to ask!!

Yours, Deb

Order Reminders/Play

April 23 - 10:03AM

Dear Parents,

Since I am completely enmeshed into the production of our play next week at this point, I just wanted to remind you now while I still can remember, to send in any milk or lunch orders for the month of May. Also, any musical instrument lesson payments are due next week. This month flew by so fast – I feel like I just sent this reminder the other day!

We are working at the church this entire week staging the kids, working out the kinks, etc. and next week is rehearsal all week for the entire school. The kids are such champs and doing excellent so far! What I truly enjoy is the collaboration I have with the students – I allow them to make suggestions throughout the entire process, thus helping them to take on leadership positions, increase their self confidence, and also become much more invested in the creation of this work, since it becomes not just mine, but theirs as well. The kids are smart and sometimes have a better handle on things than I do, and I want to take this time to congratulate them so far in their efforts to help make this play what it is. Hats off to them!!

Just make sure all of your kids practice their lines EVERY DAY!!!! And for those who have CD’s to practice songs with, make sure they study them deeply so they can be synchronized with the song with their lyrics.

Have a great day! Deb

Community Service Opportunities Here at FOG

April 19 - 1:58PM

Dear Parents,

Another couple of community service opportunities are upcoming:

  1. We are committed to sponsoring a Mini March to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in May. If anyone wants to run that fundraiser who owes us hours, please let me know and I’ll give you the job! It shouldn’t be very hard to do.

  2. Below read a letter from Maria, our Purple Dragon Coordinator, who could use some help on May 2nd with the next order. Anyone wishing to help there, feel free to email her directly from the message!

I hope you all were pleased with the vegetables and fruits you got in your share yesterday. If there were any quality issue please let me know immediately as we can report them in 24 hours.

As many of you know, the school play is on 5/2 which is the same day as the next delivery. Since we will all be busy in the morning we are planning to do the splitting immediately following the play. I am estimating the shares will be ready around 2pm.

The kids will not be helping this week so if you are available to help after the play we can have it ready for everyone that much faster. Deb mentioned that there are community service hours available for this if you are interested.

Final orders for 5/2 are due to the office today so please let me know if you want to make any changes to yours. Also please remember to leave your check or mail it to me prior to pickup.

Enjoy your weekend, Maria

Wondering what to do with a Daikon radish? One of our members sent me this recipe.

Easy Daikon Salad Recipe Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 5 minutes Total Time: 1 hour, 5 minutes Yield: serves 4 Ingredients

2 cups julienne cut daikon radish (I used my food processor to cut it) 1 tsp kosher salt 1 tbsp seasoned rice vinegar 2 tsp granulated sugar 1 tsp sweet rice wine (mirin) OPTIONAL: crushed peanuts Instructions

Place the daikon in a colander/mesh strainer over a bowl or the sink and sprinkle with salt. Mix well. Let sit for 30 minutes. Squeeze out excess water and then rinse well with cold water. Drain. In a small saucepan, combine the seasoned rice vinegar, sugar and rice wine. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until the sugar dissolves (this will only take a few minutes). Transfer the daikon to an airtight container and pour the rice vinegar mixture over. Shake or stir well to combine. Chill for 20 minutes before serving. This can store for up to a few days in the fridge, if it lasts that long. If desired, serve topped with crushed peanuts.

Goats, chicks, costumes, etc.

April 15 - 1:21PM

Good morning!

Well, I am so happy to report that my daughter picked up the goat on Friday, thanks to all of you wonderful families who helped donate toward saving his life! We actually got about $75 more than we needed, so I will use that extra money to pay for the vaccinations for the other goats that we will also get on Wednesday when the vet comes to neuter and vaccinate the goat. Some info: His name is Cocoa, and he is the SWEETEST goat!! He is half brown and half white, with small horns and the nicest disposition!! He is still at my home and I will bring him tomorrow. The kids will all fall in love with him! I am so glad that we were able as a community to give him the great life that he so deserves! Thank you deeply, all of you....

Also, we will be getting six more chickens (still chicks right now) today. A friend of a friend of the school bought the chicks and planned on having them at her home, but her landlord refused to let her keep them, so we will be taking care of them for now and if she can find a way to take them back, she will. In exchange for us caring for her chicks, she will help the school with some animal chores. The chicks for now will be living with the partridge in the outdoor cage we just built last week, so that will work out fine. Once they mature a little, we will then place them with the older chickens in the barnyard. The kids will really enjoy these as well!

Lots to do outside, now that it’s spring. We will be tilling the garden next weekend and then planting time is at hand! We could use a lot of help with the flower beds also – getting them ready for the season – so for those of you that need community service hours, now’s the time! You can do things for the school even on the weekend if it’s outdoor work, so those of you who work and can’t get here during the week – let me know and I will set you up with a chore or two!

I would like to thank Carlos Alfaro, a former parent in our school, and Logan’s dad, Ed Gumpy, for spending the weekend digging a trench to put in an electric line back to our goat fence so that we can finally put up our electric fence to guard against any more bear issues.

Busy, busy, busy!!!!

Also, regarding the play, I was able to borrow a bunch of fish hats from another play I saw at my local high school last weekend. For Sprouts, I have extra foam-type fish hats if anyone wishes to borrow them. I just have to return them after our play is done.

Our sewing teacher, Miss Karen, figured out something great for any kids who are jellyfish in the play. She said a clear shower cap – like those found in hotels, with streamers attached, will fit over a child’s head and look great as jellyfish! Since they are clear, you can put in colored tissue paper for the color of the jellyfish. I realize that some of our jellyfish are boys and they aren’t keen on being pink jellyfish, so I would also accept light blue or white as a color for the jellyfish.

Misha’s mom also found an interesting hat for the turtles to wear, should you be interested. At the dollar store she found an alligator hat/mask, which if you cut off the snout, the eyes look just like turtle eyes, so if anyone is interested in obtaining those for turtles to wear on their heads, let me know and you can coordinate with her or go to the dollar store to get one.

Have a great day!! Deb

Three Weeks and Counting!

April 9 - 1:21PM

Our play - Finding Nemo - is coming for all to see on May 2nd and 3rd! The kids are practicing hard and we hope all of you will come out to view the results! May 2nd - show is at 10 AM. May 3rd - show is at 6 PM. See you there!!