Extra Prop Needed

April 30 - 11:23AM

Good morning,

A quick request – does anyone have a fish net at home that you can throw over a few kids? In the scenes we need a net, the one fish net that we got is great, but it doesn’t work in the second scene where we have to throw a net over a few kids. The smallest we could use is a 3 x 3, or larger would be great. If anyone has one, please send it in today or tomorrow!

Thanks! Deb

Milk Orders, Emails

April 26 - 9:13AM

Good morning,

Just a couple of items:

  1. For those of you who order milk or yogurt monthly, we need your actual forms each month along with payment, which is really due today for next Wednesday’s order to come in properly, since Wednesday is May 1st. Please remember we order today for next week, and we cannot just assume that you want to continue your milk orders each month without the form and payment. I have only one order form here for May so far, so I need to know what we are supposed to order for next week.

  2. Don’t forget to change over our email address to I will be deleting my old address of

Thanks and have a nice day! Deb

Props Needed!

April 24 - 4:21PM

Hello Parents,

There are a few things that we could use for the play in the form of props. If you have any of these items, please email me back and let me know so I can consider them taken care of. If you lend any props to us, make sure you have your name on them so we can return them to you after the play.

  1. We need what looks like fish eggs about the size of a tennis ball. Anyone have tennis balls they want to paint orangish red? We need a pile of them, maybe 10 or so.
  2. A large fishing net
  3. A plastic fish skeleton
  4. Top hats and canes (We need 3 sets)
  5. Clear garbage bags – large size (large kitchen bag size or larger is fine). We need about 4.
  6. I need someone to make what looks like a window out of a piece of poster board. In the background should be boats/a harbor scene.
  7. A red throw carpet, about 4 x 8 or something around that size. Even a 3 x 6 is ok.
  8. A pink throw rug, in the shape of an oval.

(Basically they are going to be the bottom of the whale’s mouth with the pink rug being the tongue, if that helps anyone visualize it.)

If you help to make anything we need, remember to include that in your community service hours!

Thanks, Deb

Seedlings Summaries

April 24 - 9:57AM

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I am sending out the summaries for the Seedlings classes since January. Melissa has had computer problems and was unable to get them to me until now. She apologizes!

Thanks, Deb

Download Seedlings_Summary_-_January_2013.doc Download Seedlings_Summary_-_February_2013.doc Download Seedlings_Summary_-_March_2013.doc

Instructions for Next Week - IMPORTANT!!

April 23 - 1:52PM

Dear Families,

Next week can be confusing, so I wanted to make sure you all have this email early to plan your week appropriately. PLEASE READ ALL NOTES CAREFULLY!!! Anything written in bold letters are extremely important.

  1. From Monday through Wednesday, we will be practicing at the church with all of the students. We invite any child who does not normally come on all three days to join us each day from 9 to 11:30. You can drop off your child at 9 AM and pick up your child promptly at 11:30 AM at the school. We have a path that we use to walk back and forth from the church, so please make sure you only come to the school. You can also send your child on their normally scheduled days.

  2. Thursday, May 2nd – This is a Half Day! There is no Extended Care on that day. We ask that you meet us at the church with your child already in costume by 9:30 AM. DO NOT GO TO THE SCHOOL. Every child must be accompanied by a parent. The play begins at 10 AM. All families must park in the front of the church and walk up. Only staff members are allowed to park behind the church. Dismissal is immediately after the play, which should be at about noon.

  3. Friday, May 3rd – This is a Half Day! There is AM Extended Care only. Normally scheduled students will come to school and dismissal is promptly at 11:30. After what we hope is a relaxing and stress free afternoon with your child, we ask that you arrive back at the church at 5:30 PM. The same parking rules apply. The play is at 6 PM. After this show, there is a cast party and ALL are invited to attend and congratulate the kids for a wonderful job done! Cake and juice will be served.

Some other important things to note:

  2. We expect ALL students at both plays. Remember that at least one parent or guardian MUST stay at the church during each showing.
  3. Ticket prices are $10 per adult and $5 per child. Ages 3 and under are free. Enrolled students do not pay. Payment will be collected as you enter the church. Checks or cash is acceptable.
  4. Invite your family and friends! We want to show our kids as much support as possible during this important time of the year!!!

Any questions??? Now’s the time to ask!!

Yours, Deb