School Begins Soon!

August 21 - 5:02PM

Our first day of school is set for Wednesday, September 4th. Get those backpacks, lunchboxes and slippers ready!!

Field Day at Rickey Farm!!

June 21 - 3:40PM

Parents, don't forget to mark your calendars for an AWESOME first annual Field Day at Rickey Farm in Vernon on July 6th from 10 am to 8 pm! There will be music, entertainment, Activities for Kids, Local Vendors and Food, Silent Auction.....what a great family fun day!! Tickets are $10 per adult (advanced sales - $15 on the day of the event) and $5 for kids over 3.

A portion of the proceeds will be given to our school toward the purchase of a new playground set, which is quite costly. We truly appreciate your donations and help toward making this day a great success for Vernon and for our unique school!

Fields of Green fundraiser at the Rickey Farm

Open House

May 31 - 2:26PM

Dear Parents,

We are looking forward to a fun Open House this Sunday! The kids have worked hard on their songs and are looking forward to singing them to all of you! Remember the time is from 11 to 2, with an old-fashioned BBQ potluck lunch, pony rides, a bouncy house (Thanks to all of those who bought and baked at the bake sale – this is almost completely paid for from the sale), games and classroom tours, not to mention our fundraiser, Drive for the Kids, where it costs you nothing except a few minutes to fill out a card. Each card filled out brings the school $10. Last year it added up to $1200!

Parking can be found on Sunday along the road or also at the church next door. There is a convenient path to our school to walk if you go to the upper lot at the church and look to your right. It’s a nice walk over to the school away from the road.

Looking ahead to the next week, Monday and Tuesday will be normal classroom days, and after that we’re into Fun Week! The schedule is as follows:


  • June 5 – Water Day
  • June 6 – Water Day
  • June 7 – Normal class
  • June 10 – Ice Cream Day
  • June 11 – Ice Cream Day


  • June 5 – Water Day
  • June 6 – Water Day
  • June 7 – Movie Day
  • June 10 – Field Day/Ice Cream Day
  • June 11 – Field Day/Ice Cream Day


  • June 5 – Water Day
  • June 6 – Field Day
  • June 7 – Ice Cream Day
  • June 10 – Movie Day
  • June 11 – Trip to High Point State Park Beach

Items to send in during Fun Week:
Ice Cream Day – Any donations of ice cream, toppings or cones are much appreciated!

Water Day – ALL kids must bring in swimsuits, sunscreen (applied before school), insect repellent, change of clothes. Please label ALL items so we will be able to return all items. Also, please make sure your child wears water shoes to school so they can get them wet. Only elementary kids are allowed to bringin water blasters.

Field Day – ALL kids should wear sneakers with socks

Movie Day – Feel free to send in a movie and we will decide which one to show

Hope to see you all Sunday! Bring friends and family too! We like to use the day to show off our school to prospective families and introduce them to our great learning community members!

Take care, Deb

Helpers Wanted

May 29 - 1:42PM

Dear Parents,

We could use some volunteers for our Open House games on Sunday. This mainly involves sitting at the various games and running them. This could be another opportunity to fulfill your community service hours. We also need some food servers.

We also need a talented person to do the face painting table!

Let me know what you are interested in doing!

Thanks, Deb

Bake Sale Tomorrow!

May 28 - 4:52PM

Dear Parents,

Don’t forget there is a Bake Sale tomorrow and Thursday!! I know that many of us get confused about the days of the week when we have a Monday holiday.

Anyone wishing to volunteer (using community service hours of course) can show up for a shift – either between 8:15 and 9:15 AM on both days, or from 2:45 to 3:45 PM on both days.

We certainly welcome and appreciate any baked donations or help attending the table.

Money made during this Bake Sale will go toward the rental of the Bouncy House for this Sunday’s Open House.

Thanks! Deb