Recipe Requested

June 5 - 2:48PM

Hello once again,

One of our moms emailed me a recipe that many parents asked her about at Open House, so here is the link in case you wish to make these cookies:

Happy eating! Miss Deb

Fun Week Updates, Closing out Accounts, etc.

June 5 - 2:47PM

Good morning,

The forecast has kept us hopping lately, so I am afraid to make a judgement yet about Wednesday's trip to High Point. We are considering the possibility of making Thursday a rain date for the trip, yet I realize the effect it may have on some of you who took days off, made arrangements, etc. It is a tough decision, because our main goal is to give our students a really fun day of memory-making for their last week of school, but I truly hate to inconvenience people. We will make our final decision tomorrow so that we can get a more accurate look as to how the weather will turn out. It looks right now that Thursday will give us at least a partly cloudy day and the temperature will be almost 10 degrees warmer than Wednesday. Stay tuned!!!

Also, with all of the activities recently I have not been in my office at all, so this week I will spend the mornings in the office catching up with many things and afternoons with my students. I did not allow the system to generate statements for June yet because I wanted to update and look at each account to make sure that all is in order to send you all your final bills. I still do not have many Community Service Vouchers and cannot generate credit for your time until I receive them. I should have all accounts finished and billed out by Wednesday, so you only have today and tomorrow to get those vouchers to me for credit, otherwise you will not receive credit for time worked here at FOG. It only takes a couple of minutes to fill one out! They are located on our website in our Forms section and I will also attach them once again to this email.

Have a good day, Miss Deb

More Community Service Available

May 30 - 7:17PM

One more thing!

I forgot to mention that during our Open House we can always use some parent help that you can use toward Community Service credits. We could use help in the food area during Open House - helping to serve food, making sure the food table stays neat and well-stocked, etc. We could also use someone to monitor the bouncy house, or monitor the popcorn machine or the cotton candy machine (we will be making maple sugar cotton candy). We also could use people to help pack up things at the end of the day - tents, washing dishes, bringing in tables, etc.

Let me know if you are interested!

Thanks, Miss Deb

Community Service Voucher

May 26 - 5:25PM

Dear Parents,

Attached is another copy of the Community Service Voucher. Please fill in any Community Service you have performed this year so I can credit your account. Without the voucher, you will be responsible to pay the Community Service Fee that has been attached to your account all year.

Thank you and I hope you all enjoy your long weekend!!!

Download Community_Service_Hours_Served.docx

Fresh Produce at FOG!!

May 26 - 2:04PM

Good afternoon,

I am happy to announce that the Earthman Farm, which is right up the street from us, will be setting up a produce table here at FOG! Miss Liz, Earthman's daughter, is a teacher here and we discussed how nice it would be if parents could come during drop off and pick up times and leave with some fresh veggies and herbs!

Earthman (Dennis), although he cannot claim his farm as "Certified Organic," does use organic methods in growing his vegetables. The veggies brought here will be freshly picked and will still be chock full of important nutrients that often gets lost when produce sits on shelves and in boxes for days.

When we get the table set up here, there will be a price per pound and it will be a self-serve, honor system for buying your veggies. His prices are amazingly low. You can also visit the farm and pick your own veggies when his sign is out stating he is open as you pass by.

Thanks Miss Liz and Dennis, for bringing your healthy goodness to our school! We can't wait to see the table set up soon!

-Miss Deb