A Few Items

September 25 - 10:09AM

Good afternoon everyone,

Here are a few items to discuss:

  1. I would like to recommend a great magazine for young people and families – it is called “Chop, Chop.” You can find it online by going to The issue I was introduced to has lots of great recipes for lunches and also it addresses the recipes as if instructing kids to create them as well. I was just really impressed with it.

  2. We were supposed to start our After School programs this week but we still don’t have enough kids to begin classes. If you are new to us and wondering about the classes and how they work, let me know and I can answer any questions you have. Also, Mr. Chris, the music instructor for Jamming for Juniors, is willing to do a free demo class for any parents considering joining his classes. He does an excellent job with the kids and they always go away having learned something as well as having a lot of fun. Let me know if you would like a free demo class and I can set that up.

  3. Thanks to all of you who baked for our Bake Sale last week! We raised $150 and will use that money to continue to save for playground equipment.

  4. For the Elementary Camping trip this Friday, I need a head count so that I can figure out how much I have to pay High Point for the campsite. Please email me your numbers if you are attending.

Thanks and have a great afternoon! Enjoy this beautiful weather! Deb

Late September/October Reminders

September 19 - 10:25AM

Dear Parents,

I can hardly believe that September is almost over!! I was just wrapping my head around this month! So a few reminders are due:

  1. Milk orders for October need to be in by next week. That order will be placed next Thursday so we need to have your sheets before then. Not many people are using this service , so I’d like to make a plug here for it – it’s a great service and the kids get fresh milk with their lunch – no need to worry about milk going a little warm before they eat and it’s such a healthy alternative to juices.

  2. October music lessons for Miss Vicki are coming up and those are due to be paid by the 1st. The cost is $40 with checks being made payable to Vicki Botta. These lessons involve piano, violin, viola, guitar and cello for kids usually age 5 and up. We are only beginning tomorrow with lessons so if you haven’t signed up yet, you are not too late.

  3. Fabulous Friday lunch orders for October are also due soon so if you are interested, please fill out the form I sent via email and also the Elementary Handbook and send in cash only for the month.

  4. Jot down on your calendars the date of October 2nd for our annual Apple Picking at Pochuck Farms (Rain date for October 3rd). Info will be sent home shortly on that event.

Thanks, Deb

Helping Others

September 17 - 2:37PM

Dear Families,

During the year, not only do we do various fundraisers for our school, but we also try to help others, whether it is someone local we know needs help or an organization that we believe in. Sometimes the children will want to donate to a particular organization and we organize a drive to show them how to start to fundraise and to show them that their ideas are indeed valid.

At this time I know of a particular family that needs help with a few things. The family consists of a single mom and her daughter who moved up from Texas to escape a bad situation. She found a job right away, which is wonderful, but she needs help with regard to her daughter. The little girl who is 2 years old and a size 2T needs winter clothing (coming from Texas where it’s blazing hot!), and also a toddler bed.

If anyone has any of the above items, you can bring them to school and I will see to it that the items are given to the family. Thank you ahead of time for what you can give.

Also, I would like to thank those families who have helped us out tremendously so far with community service. I have moms who come in and help the Lower Elementary kids with reading, we have parents taking photos that will eventually land in our yearbook at the end of the year, organized by other moms who create them; I have a dad who cleaned out our gutters, a parent who does our milk order and another one the Scholastic orders, and the list goes on and is still growing. A special thank you goes out to the Rich family who came and redid our soft water system/filters which was a tremendous amount of work! Dan went way beyond the call of duty and we cannot thank him enough for his time, materials and effort! We all truly appreciate the help. No pun intended, but our school community is rich because of all of you who find ways to help make this school a better place.

Yours in the spirit of helping, Deb

P.S. We still need someone to organize our Fundraisers for the year – any takers?? This job could be handled by more than one person – it gets big and complicated, depending upon the fundraisers chosen.

First day of school!

September 4 - 4:53PM

Hello Families!

Our first day was a success and we are very thankful for the beautiful weather as well! That always helps with first days!

I forgot to mention that our new Aftercare Attendant this year is Caitlin Neill, a lovely woman, and since she is new with us and has no children at our school, she is unfamiliar with our parents. Because of this, I have instructed her to ask for Driver’s Licenses of parents until she gets to know anyone who picks up their child after 3:00. We apologize for this inconvenience but we only want the safety of our children to be first and foremost.

Also, there were a few children who did not come with slippers for class today (mostly in Elementary), so please remember to send them in as soon as possible to keep in your child’s locker.

For the Sprouts and Seedlings parents – We give you a folder each day when your child goes home that will contain their work and any other notes that you may read. We give these to you by hand instead of placing them in backpacks and we ask that you return the folder by hand to the teacher when you come back the next time. This minimizes not only ruining folders, but it also minimizes the chances of you or us missing important information or notes if the folders were hidden in backpacks each day.

If any of you have any questions, feel free to email me anytime! If I have time during the day I will email you back, but if not I will email you back as soon as I can. If you have an immediate notation for me, feel free to simply text me at my cell number which is 845-701-9544. Those I see as they come in and can respond quickly. can always call – something we seem to be moving away from in our society it seems!

Have a great evening! Deb

School Begins Soon!

August 21 - 5:02PM

Our first day of school is set for Wednesday, September 4th. Get those backpacks, lunchboxes and slippers ready!!