October 17 - 9:34AM

Good morning everyone!

Just a note about the fundraisers that you are being blasted with lately – please don’t ever feel obligated to be a part of any that you are not interested in. Unfortunately in the fall we get bombarded by many companies that we normally use and we try to get some out of the way before the snow flies. We always try to not only fundraise for ourselves but for others in need, which is why you will see the occasional fundraiser for another organization we believe in. This month it is the leukemia society, which I will also be teaching our elementary kids about in our “Disease of the Month” lesson this year.

Soon you will get your Artware fundraiser also, which involves your child’s art selection this year. We do this annually because it is a great source of gifts for family come holiday time and it is also a way you can immortalize your child’s art on various items. I will always treasure my grandkids’ art on the various mugs, boxes and plaques I had made through Artware, which is a great company that we have been dealing with for as long as I can remember. If you do any fundraiser – this one is the one to do! Also, Miss Syndie wanted me to mention that for the Sprouts, they have been studying Van Gogh, and the children painted their version of “Starry, Starry Night” by the artist. They are precious! Look for them in the next week or so to come home.

Thanks and have a great day! Deb

Sprouts & Afterschool Programs

September 26 - 1:48PM

Good afternoon all,

The attachment is in regards to Sharing Time in the Sprouts classroom. If it applies to you, then please read it.

Also, we almost have enough kids to begin the Music Program after school next Tuesday. We decided to have next Tuesday’s class but will consider it a demo class, and we welcome anyone who is interested in watching how Mr. Chris works with the kids. So the kids who already signed up will be attending a free class, and it will last a half hour instead of 45 minutes. If we get at least one more child to join, then the classes will be on and we will add 2 weeks to the class calendar to finish up our 8 week program. Anyone wishing to attend please join us next week from 3 to 3:30 PM.

Thanks! Deb

Download Sharing_2013.wps

CPR Training

September 25 - 10:10AM

Good morning!

Attached please find our annual offering of CPR training to all who are interested – our staff is always up to date with their certification and Jamie Bruesehoff, Ben and Elijah’s mom, makes sure that we stay current, and she also helps the community by helping anyone who is interested in learning how to save a life.

We hope to see you all on that day!


Download FOG_CPR_Flyer_10-21-13.doc

A Few Items

September 25 - 10:09AM

Good afternoon everyone,

Here are a few items to discuss:

  1. I would like to recommend a great magazine for young people and families – it is called “Chop, Chop.” You can find it online by going to The issue I was introduced to has lots of great recipes for lunches and also it addresses the recipes as if instructing kids to create them as well. I was just really impressed with it.

  2. We were supposed to start our After School programs this week but we still don’t have enough kids to begin classes. If you are new to us and wondering about the classes and how they work, let me know and I can answer any questions you have. Also, Mr. Chris, the music instructor for Jamming for Juniors, is willing to do a free demo class for any parents considering joining his classes. He does an excellent job with the kids and they always go away having learned something as well as having a lot of fun. Let me know if you would like a free demo class and I can set that up.

  3. Thanks to all of you who baked for our Bake Sale last week! We raised $150 and will use that money to continue to save for playground equipment.

  4. For the Elementary Camping trip this Friday, I need a head count so that I can figure out how much I have to pay High Point for the campsite. Please email me your numbers if you are attending.

Thanks and have a great afternoon! Enjoy this beautiful weather! Deb

Late September/October Reminders

September 19 - 10:25AM

Dear Parents,

I can hardly believe that September is almost over!! I was just wrapping my head around this month! So a few reminders are due:

  1. Milk orders for October need to be in by next week. That order will be placed next Thursday so we need to have your sheets before then. Not many people are using this service , so I’d like to make a plug here for it – it’s a great service and the kids get fresh milk with their lunch – no need to worry about milk going a little warm before they eat and it’s such a healthy alternative to juices.

  2. October music lessons for Miss Vicki are coming up and those are due to be paid by the 1st. The cost is $40 with checks being made payable to Vicki Botta. These lessons involve piano, violin, viola, guitar and cello for kids usually age 5 and up. We are only beginning tomorrow with lessons so if you haven’t signed up yet, you are not too late.

  3. Fabulous Friday lunch orders for October are also due soon so if you are interested, please fill out the form I sent via email and also the Elementary Handbook and send in cash only for the month.

  4. Jot down on your calendars the date of October 2nd for our annual Apple Picking at Pochuck Farms (Rain date for October 3rd). Info will be sent home shortly on that event.

Thanks, Deb