Fw: Free kitten

November 4 - 12:40PM

Good morning,

Below is a forwarded message from one of our parents. Let's see if we can find this kitty a home!


Hi Deb - I was wondering if you could forward this email to the other parents. We rescued another kitten yesterday, and we're trying to find a good home for her (I'm 90% sure it's a 'she'). She's really young, maybe 4-5 weeks old. She has long gray hair with white feet and nose. Total fluffball. She's already figured out the litter pan, and we have her eating a combination of replacement milk and wet food (which we'll gladly give to the new owners).

She's our cat's sister from a more recent litter (our cat is 6 mos), and we're going to try to trap the mom next week to get her fixed. But while I can take care of her for the next few days, my plate is a little full already with the new babes.

Thanks! Aislinn

A few items

October 25 - 1:53PM

Dear Parents,

Just a few reminders before your weekends begin:

  1. The parent who deals with our Box Tops program is getting ready to make our quarterly deposit with the company for our December credit, so if you have any Box Tops laying around, please get them to us by Monday, as she will be mailing them in on Tuesday. But keep saving them!! They really do make a difference for us – every dollar helps!
  2. Don’t forget to keep collecting your spare change or allowing your child to ask neighbors and friends for spare change for our Leukemia Pennies for Patients program. Our Elementary kids are busy counting the money that they bring in, which also is a great practical math application. They also are aware that they are helping kids who are sick, and it makes it that much more meaningful for them.
  3. The end of the month is quickly approaching, so anyone with monthly milk payments, lessons with Miss Vicki, or Fabulous Friday lunches – get them in to us next week! I can hardly believe next Friday is the beginning of November!
  4. Next Friday is the field trip for the Elementary Students to go to Storm King Art Center. I will be sending out permission slips on Monday. Jot down the day if you wish to join us! We will leave at about 9 and return at about 1.

Have a good weekend! Deb

Milk Order - Drinkable Yogurt

October 21 - 1:10PM

Good morning folks!

I received this note below from one of our parents and thought it would be a nice thing to pass along to all of you. A number of families are enjoying our milk program, but it's a good reminder to all of you that we also do offer drinkable and spoonable yogurt. It's never too late to try the program!

Have a healthy day,


Dear Deb,

Thank you for offering the milk order program to your students.

For the month of October, we did the drinkable yogurt 2x/week for Connor even though he is a 5x/week elementary student. This has worked out great and he is really enjoying the different flavors each time.

He likes the Mango, Peach, Strawberry and wants to do those again. He does look forward to trying the other flavors as well (Banana, Honey Vanilla, Blackberry, and Blueberry/Pomegranate). I like knowing that he is getting extra calcium and nutrients in on these days.

Again, thank you for offering this.

Peggy Shillcock

We're In the News!!

October 18 - 9:56AM

Good morning!

We made the Advertiser News North yesterday! Our Elementary kids had a fantastic 2 day architecture class with Lauren Magee (August’s mom) recently and I thought the results were so special that I wrote an article and they printed it in yesterday’s paper!! If you do not receive the Advertiser News North, click on this link to get there and read it! Thanks again, Lauren, for your community service!!

Also, I don’t want you all to think I’m ignoring the pile of wood in the front of the parking lot – I have been waiting for my chronic back issues to improve enough to bring a splitter here and get the wood to my home, since I use only wood to heat my house. Unfortunately I don’t see an end in sight for my back pain, so I decided to offer it out to anyone wishing to do community service here at the school. If any of you have a log splitter and are willing to come here and split up that wood, I can then load it in my truck each day and take it home so we can get that front space cleared up. I just can’t lift or roll those huge chunks anymore (age and too much wood cutting over the years)!

Have a wonderful day!



October 17 - 2:16PM

Dear Friends and Families,

This is from Jamie Bruesehoff, our CPR instructor:

We still have space in CPR if anyone wants to sign up, they could just email me by Friday night ( and bring form and payment with them to the class. I've had a few people ask about if it was too late so just wanted to pass this along.

Thanks! Jamie

Download FOG_CPR_Flyer_10-21-13.doc