Immunization Reminder

November 18 - 12:37PM

Good afternoon everyone!

I hope this beautiful day finds you all well. Just a reminder to those parents with kids under the age of 5 are required to have a flu shot by December 31st, which really means we have to have it on file before our vacation. We are having our annual audit in December and if it’s not in, along with any other shots you may be missing, you will be notified by the Office of Public Health Nursing when they come to review our files on December 5th. Once they notify you, you have only 2 weeks to comply with documentation or they will not allow your child to attend school. They mean business, so don’t delay in getting your child’s immunizations up to par!

Any questions, let me know! Deb

A few items

November 13 - 2:23PM

Hello Parents,

Here are a few things to note:

  1. We will also be having another free demo class from the company called “Grounded Kids Yoga Program” on Monday, November 25th at 10:30 AM. I am also considering their program for an after school offering in January. You can read more about them at
  2. We are looking for a few more families to join our Purple Dragon Co-op group. We are down a couple of families and in order for our school to maintain a slight discount on the veggies we order for snack, we need at least 15 families to be a part of our group. The elementary kids also benefit each time we have to sort since we use the time as a part of our math practical applications program. Kids have to not only sort veggies, but weigh and count them, sometimes with very exact amounts using pounds and ounces and it is a great way for them to learn weights and measures. If anyone is interested, let me know and I will forward your email to our coordinator, Maria DeGaetano.

Have a great day! Deb

Free Demo Class!

November 12 - 1:46PM

Dear Parents,

One final email today! Next Wednesday, at 10:45 am, a company called B Fit Kids will be coming to our school to do a free demo class for our students. They serve kids from ages 2 to 12, so all of our students will be able to participate in this event. We invite any parents who wish to view what the company does to come and join us. We are hoping that we can add this program to our after school offerings after the holidays. Please view the flyer attached.

Warm regards, Deb

Download B_Fit_Kids_Flyer.pdf

Next Week's Festivities

November 12 - 1:44PM

Dear Families,

Next week on Thursday and Friday, we are having our annual soup/pie sale. This can be a really fun event because it is a great way of sharing different foods and sometimes recipes between families. It helps us all to change up our menus for the holidays or just simply go home with dinner and dessert those days!

How it works is this:

Soup - Think of a soup you would like to make. Once made, we ask that you package it in any quart size container that you won’t need back (the Chinese food containers or canning jars work best), label it and deliver it to the school by next Wednesday. You can bring in as many quarts as you like. If you would like to share your recipe please add that to your container. Chili or interesting sauces, etc. are also something to consider making for the sale too.

Pie – Think of a pie you would like to make. Please make it in a tin or other dish that you do not need back. Make sure you label it and deliver it to school by next Wednesday. You can bring in as many pies as you would like and if you would like to add your recipe to your pie, please do so! Pot pies or other creative pies are also acceptable!

Everything sells for $8 each.

If you are going to participate in this event, let me know what you will be making and then I can send out a yummy list of soups, pies, etc. that will be available. It will get all of our taste buds ready for some good things to eat!

Thanks so much for all you do for our school!


The cold is upon us!

November 12 - 12:28PM

Hello Parents,

Well, it’s here, and with the cold comes our annual reminders of making sure you send your child dressed properly to school. We still go outside for at least 30 mins. each time, which for full day students can amount to 3 times outside. This being said, we require all children to come dressed with WARM jackets, hats, gloves and warm shoes with warm socks. As we always say, layers are best, but at this point with the cold weather, sweatshirts or light jackets don’t do enough to keep kids warm. They need insulated jackets at this point. We still see a lot of kids coming in sweat jackets with little or no layers.

We don’t have the staffing to keep kids who are not properly dressed inside, so please make sure you send your child with the appropriate clothing so they don’t get cold outside. You can always pack a lighter jacket in their backpacks in case the weather turns nice in the afternoons. This time of year comes with widely changing temperatures throughout the day. At our school, we call it the wind tunnel, for the wind whips through the parking lot right back through the playground, making it often windy when in other places it may not be.

Thanks for your cooperation in this matter!

Best, Deb