Calendar, etc.

December 2 - 3:19PM

Good afternoon folks!

I will probably say this each month, but I just can’t believe another month has come and gone! Just a reminder to those of you who use our other services that payment is due for December such as instrumental lessons with Miss Vicki, Fabulous Friday lunches and milk/yogurt orders.

Also I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Don’t forget to visit our website for the events taking place this month: conferences, holiday performance, etc. Go to

Thanks and have a great day!!


Early Dismissal Today

November 26 - 12:08PM

Good afternoon,

Due to the weather that is expected here today, we are closing the school early today at 1 PM. The Warwick bus will be here at 12:45 to pick up those kids, so make sure you are at your bus stops at the appropriate times based upon their departure from here.

Thanks, Deb

A few items

November 21 - 4:25PM

Good afternoon everyone,

A few items to note:

  1. I would like to thank Maria DeGaetano for coming in yesterday afternoon to work with the Elementary kids in cooking, helping them to prepare their donations for the Soup/Pie Sale. It was a lot of work, but Maria helped them turn out a pumpkin chocolate chip pie and a quart of pumpkin soup! Thanks Maria!
  2. I would also like to thank those folks who brought in donations for the sale – everything looked so yummy and I can’t wait to taste the soup and bread I bought!
  3. The Sprouts and Seedlings kids will begin cutting up their veggies tomorrow in class for next week’s Stone Soup. They will also cut veggies next week and will be eating their soup on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.
  4. Also, thanks to those who joined our Organic Co-op so we can help keep the group intact! The Elementary kids always enjoy their jobs weighing and sorting vegetables when they come. They also learn a great deal about unusual vegetables and since we also purchase a share for the school, it gives them great tasting and healthy vegetables and fruits.

Have a great evening! Deb

Reminder about our Sale Days!

November 20 - 2:41PM

Good afternoon!

Just a quick reminder to everyone about tomorrow and Friday, our special Soup/Pie Sale days!! I’m hoping to try something different than my normal recipes! I will be bringing in some soup also tomorrow!

Thanks, Deb


November 18 - 12:50PM

Hello Elementary Parents,

This year we had an offer from Jill Vaughn, Cole and Jake’s mom, to host Thanksgiving for our class at her house on Wednesday, our half day before Thanksgiving. We thank her greatly for the offer! They live in Warwick, so it will be an easy drive instead of going to my house, which is an hour away and which we have done in the past.

It works like this - We all pitch in and bring ingredients and cook them together and it is a lot of fun for everyone. I will email you a list of what items you should bring in the next few days.

Thanks, Deb