Christmas play update

December 12 - 10:29AM


In yesterday’s email about the performance next Friday, I mentioned to bring the children to the church at 9:45 for the performance at 10:00. I didn’t clarify that you don’t drop them off at school at the normal times. They just arrive with you at 9:45 at the church. Our staff goes directly to the church in the morning as well, so there won’t be anyone here to meet the kids.

The kids can sit with you until we call them to line up.

Thanks, Deb

Warwick Holistic Moms

December 12 - 10:28AM

Dear Parents,

There is a new holistic moms group forming in Warwick and I thought I would spread the news to all of you in case you are interested in joining. See the attached flyer and note that the meeting is from noon until 1:30 today.

Thanks, Deb

Download Dec._meeting.docx

Snow and Shows

December 11 - 7:11PM

Good afternoon everyone!

Since the inevitable has arrived (cold and snow/ice), I wanted to go over with all of you about our outdoor policies here at Fields of Green.

Please make sure that in the winter months your child comes to school each day wearing his/her snow pants, jacket, hat, gloves, etc. We go outside regardless of what is on the ground! The only time we do not go outside is if the temperature falls below 20 degrees or if it is actively precipitating, unless it’s snowing and seems like it would be appropriate for the kids to venture out. We are saddened for any child that comes not properly dressed because then we have to make them walk only on the sidewalk and boardwalk so they don’t get wet pants or shoes.

As for shows, I want to tell you about two that are coming up. The first is that we are having an In-House Field Trip this Friday, December 13th, beginning at 10 AM for Sprouts and Seedlings, and then later for the Elementary kids. Our good friend, Jan Berlin, who is a humane educator, is coming to do a program with live animals that the children can hold or touch. We welcome all students, regardless of their schedules, to join us on that day. Let us know if you are coming, though, if your child is normally not scheduled on that day. I will cover the cost of Ms. Berlin with funds from your Activity Fees, so no money is due at this time.

Next week, I would like to remind you all about our Holiday Performance on Friday, the 20th. It is a half day for all students, and we will be at the church next door during the duration of our half day. All students are in the show and are expected to arrive at about 9:45 for the show to begin at 10 AM. You are welcome to invite family and friends and share in our celebration of the upcoming holidays. After the show, we will have our annual cookie exchange in which we ask that each family bring a sample of cookies to share. How it works is that we put out all of the cookies on a table along with containers for you to go around and fill up with cookies that you wish to take. At the end of the table is a scale and you then weigh your cookies and pay $8 per pound for them. This way we all get a variety of cookies to take to our holiday visits or share with family members. Our school usually splits the share with the church as a thank you for having us use their facility for our performance, so we thank you ahead of time for taking part in this annual tradition!

Thank you! Deb

School Closed Today

December 10 - 6:55AM

Dear Parents,

The snow today is going to begin anywhere from 7 to 9 am and we are expecting 2 to 5 inches, so I am going to err on the side of caution and cancel school for today. It would be too chaotic and more difficult on parents to start school and then dismiss within an hour or so.

Please be careful should you need to drive. It will snow heavily but leave the area by about 5 today, according to the weather reports.

Take care, Deb

Bus Requests

December 5 - 3:51PM

Good afternoon,

Believe it or not, Warwick schools have already sent me bus transportation requests for the next school year! I shouldn’t complain, because they bus our students here when our own state and town will not here in New Jersey.

If you live in the Warwick district and are even toying with the idea of enrolling your child next year here at FOG, let me know and I will send home a form for you. It applies to kids in Kindergarten on up. More information is on the form. The deadline is April 1st, 2014, and if they receive a request after that date, chances are you will not receive bus service.

Thanks, Deb