School is Closed

December 17 - 9:16AM

Dear Parents,

Due to the weather for today, our school will now be closed. Please drive carefully if you must.

Thank you,


Delayed Opening

December 17 - 6:44AM

Good morning,

Due to the impending weather conditions, our school will experience a delayed opening. We will open at 11 am for all students and staff. AM students may join us from 11 to 1, but make sure that you send in a lunch if you wish to send your child.

Please do not arrive any earlier, as our staff will also just be arriving at that time and we would not want you to have to wait in the parking lot for any amount of time.

Also, make sure that you check your email again in the morning before you leave to make sure that this delay hasn’t changed into a closing. This is a possibility considering today’s expected weather.

Please do not call the school to check on our status, as all calls go directly to my cell phone here at home, and my service at home is limited and may not pick up your call.

Thank you and please be safe while driving.


Holiday Parties

December 12 - 11:50AM

Hello Parents,

One more set of details about next week – our holiday class parties. The Sprouts and Seedlings will team up and have a joint party on Wednesday and Thursday. If anyone wishes to send in treats, we truly appreciate it. They do not exchange gifts.

The Elementary party is on Thursday and we also accept any treats sent in. Elementary kids will exchange presents, and we limit the cost to $15. Since they do not know who their presents will go to, please purchase something that can be used by either gender. You can send in your wrapped gifts anytime next week. Good ideas are games, art supplies, etc.

Any questions?

Have a good day! Deb

Christmas play update

December 12 - 10:29AM


In yesterday’s email about the performance next Friday, I mentioned to bring the children to the church at 9:45 for the performance at 10:00. I didn’t clarify that you don’t drop them off at school at the normal times. They just arrive with you at 9:45 at the church. Our staff goes directly to the church in the morning as well, so there won’t be anyone here to meet the kids.

The kids can sit with you until we call them to line up.

Thanks, Deb

Warwick Holistic Moms

December 12 - 10:28AM

Dear Parents,

There is a new holistic moms group forming in Warwick and I thought I would spread the news to all of you in case you are interested in joining. See the attached flyer and note that the meeting is from noon until 1:30 today.

Thanks, Deb

Download Dec._meeting.docx