School Closed

January 2 - 8:40PM

Dear Parents,

Due to the lovely weather we’re having, school will be closed tomorrow. Please drive carefully if you need to!

See you all on Monday, Mother Nature willing.....


Early Dismissal

January 2 - 8:35AM

Dear Families,

I have just decided to close the school today at 1 PM due to the impending weather. I am already getting reports of ice/sleet falling in some of the areas we serve.

Please drive carefully today!

Thanks, Deb

Today's Weather

January 2 - 6:40AM

Good morning everyone!

Mother Nature seems to be messing with school schedules once again! Please stay tuned to your email today. I am going to try hard to keep school open for the day, but I am guessing that we may call an early dismissal. Some schools are already calling for that, but I am going to wait and gauge how the snow is approaching, but be prepared for a possible 1:00 PM closing.

Please know that for now I am CANCELLING EXTENDED CARE FOR TODAY.

Thank you, Deb

Today and Always

December 20 - 4:34PM

Dear Families,

First I would like to thank all of you who attended our Christmas Show today. The kids were wonderful and funny and I so enjoyed seeing all of them shine! I also would like to thank those of you who baked and brought in the amazing array of cookies for our annual Cookie Exchange, as well as those who bought cookies and supported our school. I would also like to thank the church who so generously gives of their space for all of our performances and practices! Chris Bruesehoff, the church’s pastor, his family and parishioners complete our little community with their unending support and feeling of oneness that is so important for all to see and experience.

I would also like to thank Miss Faith for the large amount of time she put into organizing and producing the show. It turned out just fine and the kids were so happy to be up in front of their parents feeling proud and festive.

I personally would like to wish you all a restful holiday season. Enjoy your families, your friends and your children most of all. The wonder and sparkle in their big eyes helps us all to realize the beauty and meaning of the holidays.

See you in 2014!!


Mother Nature is Sure Busy!

December 18 - 3:06PM

Good afternoon everyone,

First, I want to apologize for how I had to contact all of you today regarding the delayed opening. At about 3 am I lost power at home and I waited until 5 am before I made the delayed opening decision and had to figure out a way to contact all of you since I had no access to internet, and my cell service is sketchy at best where I live. It took me about an hour to scroll through and locate all of your cell phones in order to send group texts. Needless to say I was in the dark doing that! I was beyond frustrated...

Which brings me to this – Just in case this ever occurs again, I need for ALL of you to make sure you sign up for the site. Make sure you sign up for the ALL STUDENTS account, because that is the one I will use in the event of delays or cancellations. The individual class accounts I will use for class notices, etc. Today I couldn’t even access the site, but I would have been able to call a staff member in this area to do it for me. In the future using this site I will have two ways in which to send delays or cancellations and if one goes down, the other one will work (let’s not take into account Murphy’s Law!).

I wonder if this weather is a sign of a bad winter to come, or maybe it’s just a coincidence of a few storms packing so close together. Either way, I want to make sure that we can all communicate with each other should it become necessary.

So sign up today! We never know when the weather will change! Staff also needs to sign up! Thanks for all of your understanding!