June 19 - 10:02PM

We are finally able to open our Seeds of Wonder Nature Camp beginning July 13th!!!

Please call or email us to get more information!

We will also be following certain protocols for opening summer camp. Feel free to ask for a copy of that in order to make the best decision for sending your child to camp.

Online Learning During COVID

April 4 - 10:13AM

Hello to all in this stressful and confusing time,

I am happy to announce that our Elementary/Middle students did not miss even a day when we had to close on Friday, March 13th. By that next Monday, we were Zooming! We keep the same schedule as we normally did when we were physically present in our classroom. We have class work based upon their various ages and levels between 9 and 11:30 while on Zoom. Then we leave the meeting for a half hour lunch and half hour recess. Then at 12:30 we have specials such as Music, Art, Foreign Language (using Rosetta Stone), Yoga/Meditation, and on Tuesdays we now have a virtual field trip to somewhere around the globe. Our first field trip last week was a trip to the Timucuan National Park in Florida, where we had a live ranger give us a virtual field trip to their park. It was very engaging and even I learned so much! Next week we are visiting the Met in NYC. Then, from 1:30 to 2:45, we do more school work in a Zoom meeting. After that, the kids do their chores at home and then a final recess period, then homework.

Our Sprouts and Seedlings classrooms were working online for the first week of our closure, and that was a bit more challenging as the kids don't have the attention span to last all day online. After that first week, we had to make the decision to furlough our teachers since we realized we would not be receiving full tuitions for the time being and could not afford to keep the school afloat having to pay salaries.

The teachers are now at home and meeting on Zoom twice a week to read stories and give parents and kids ideas on projects they can do at home. They do this voluntarily so that the kids can still "see" one another and know that their teachers have not abandoned them. We all can't wait to be together once again.

I am thinking hard at how to resume our Sprouts and Seedlings somehow until we reopen, so stay tuned for more ideas!

Until then, please be careful and stay healthy! This too shall pass...

Miss Deb Owner/Director

Holiday Concert

December 11 - 1:24PM

Our entire school will be performing our annual Holiday Concert on Friday, December 20th at 10 am. Friends and family are all invited to attend! We hold our concert next door at Holy Counselor Lutheran Church.

After the concert, we hold our annual Cookie Exchange, our holiday fundraiser, where we ask each family to donate a tray of cookies and then gather up a box of a variety of cookies from the table to take home and share for the holidays.

We hope to see you there!

School Choice Week

December 11 - 1:09PM

Fields of Green Montessori School is excited to participate in National School Choice Week, which will be held from January 26 - February 1, 2020. National School Choice Week is the world’s largest annual celebration of opportunity in K-12 education. The week provides an opportunity for families to search for schools and learning environments for their children, and a chance for schools like ours to celebrate our many successes. We look forward to wearing our NSCW yellow fleece scarves and telling the Fields of Green Montessori School story during the week, and we hope you will join us in celebrating!

A Parent Breakfast, served by the students, will be held on Wednesday, January 29, 2020 from 10 to 11 am, as students appreciate their parents for choosing this school for them.

October is Here!!

October 1 - 10:06PM

September came and went with the wind it seems! We had our first school-wide field trip to Pochuck Farms to pick apples and pears, and we all enjoyed picking out a pumpkin and eating cider and donuts! It was a lovely day!

School pictures ended today, and I hope all of you will enjoy seeing your children photographed in the great outdoors. Pictures will be ready to view by Friday online.

Make sure you check our school calendar on this site to keep track of coming events.

Fall is here, leaves are coming down like rain, yet I wish it were truly raindrops. We need some rain!

Take care, Miss Deb