A couple of items

February 5 - 10:07AM

Good morning!

I know there was a lot of confusion this morning regarding the snow. It evidently was extremely localized. Where I live in Sullivan County there was no snow, and driving here today I only encountered snow within 2 miles from the school, and that was insignificant. I hear that in the higher elevations they got a few inches. I received a lot of texts and calls this morning with questions as to whether we would delay or close. Just so you all know how I go by making a decision, I first look at the weather at 5 am and continue looking at it until 6:30 am. Since I live in a very different area that seems to not be having winter this year, I rely on the delays or closings in the local tri-state area to make my decision. This morning, only New York schools were delayed or closed, and by 6:30 am, my self-imposed deadline, there were not enough schools seemingly affected to change our own daily schedule. As I was leaving this morning at 7:30, Vernon finally decided to call a delay and Florida schools decided to close. This was a ridiculously late call and I would not call a delay so late. It would mean mayhem with our parents, and I won't do that to people.

I regret that I have to rely upon the "wisdom" of the local school districts surrounding our school, but that is the only way I can gauge the weather in our school's area. So if you don't hear anything from our school via email or text (through the Remind site), then you can assume, and I hate to use that word, that we are open as usual. It would take a lot for me to call a delay after my deadline of 6:30 am. My strong suggestion to all of you is to keep your eyes peeled to our communication mechanisms in the morning until you are ready to leave for school. This way you will know as you leave that we are open as usual, or not.

On another note, our FOG mom, Amy Richardson (also owner of Mt. Peter Ski Area) is beginning a series of Reiki classes for kids. See below for more information she sent me if you are interested:

Reiki has taught me that I am not helpless; not over my thoughts, emotions, or illness. The earlier we teach our kids that we have power over our own lives,and that we can help others, the better they will be able to cope, and the more good they will do. This Reiki class is for kids ages 10-14; I will take requests for different age groups -

Have a wonderful day and drive safely!!

-Miss Deb

Warwick Bus Transportation

February 3 - 3:22PM

Dear Parents,

New York students can receive bus transportation to our school from the age of Kindergarten on up. If you think that your child is returning next year and you live in the Warwick School District, they have sent me transportation request forms to give out. They have a deadline of April 1st to sign up, so even if you are not sure if you are returning, it is in your best interest to send in the request anyway so that you are at least on their list. If you apply late, they give you a hard time and may deny transportation.

If you would like a request sent home in your child's folder, please let me know.

Thanks, -Miss Deb

School Choice, Facebook, etc

February 2 - 2:26PM

Dear Parents,

Thanks to all of you who were able to join us today for our School Choice Week Breakfast! The kids all enjoyed waiting on their parents and I hope you all enjoyed the food!

Visit our Facebook page to see photos later on. In fact, this is also a chance to remind you all about making sure you like our Facebook page so that you will get any photos or videos we take regularly. That is where we post those kinds of things. Make sure also that you "Share" the page with your friends and families so that everyone can see what our kids are doing!!

Another reminder - if you order from Amazon, make sure you access the site via our website at On the first page is a link into Amazon. We receive Amazon Affiliates advertising money every time someone goes into Amazon via our website. It's just one extra click, which means dollars to our school!

Also, keep sending in those Box Tops! We just received a $124 check from the organization and that really helps us out a lot.

Have a lovely day!!

-Miss Deb

A Few Interesting Notes

January 22 - 7:33AM

Good afternoon to all!

A couple of newsworthy items to note:

  1. One of our families, the Dwyers, just found out over the holidays that their great uncle started the first Montessori school in New Jersey 50 years ago! Visit Westmont Montessori's web page to see the history of Dwyer family legacy to Montessori education. We are happy to have had their two children in our school!

  2. Little Prince George in England began his education this month in a Montessori school in Norfolk! It's called Westacre Montessori school. See photo below:

Westacre Montessori School in Norfolk

A few more items to note:

  1. A thank you goes out to the folks from NJ Swim for coming to teach our Sprouts kids this week about pool/swimming safety!

  2. Our Fabulous Friday lunches will be adding a new item next month on the 2nd and 4th weeks - Burgers with chips and a drink for $8. If you are going to order a burger in lieu of our other choices, please just note your choice on the bottom of our order forms. You can also choose to add cheese, onions, lettuce and tomatoes (or a combination thereof).

  3. On Monday, February 1st from 10 to 11 AM, Linda from the Moving Company will be coming to do a demo class for the Sprouts and Elementary/Middle kids. We are working on a Winter Afterschool Program that will involve this type of creative dance/movement class, along with a music class and a couple of other offerings beginning in February. If you do not normally attend on Mondays and would like to come to see what Miss Linda will be offering, we welcome you to attend! Any parents are welcome to watch her demo as well.

Have a great afternoon!

Miss Deb

School Delays/Closings Info

January 12 - 9:06AM

Good evening all,

It seems like the snow is finally beginning to head our way this winter. Just as a reminder, check your Back to School Booklets for our closing/delays information page. Basically, if the weather is inclement in the morning, I make the decision whether to close or delay opening by 6 or 6:30 am. I then post it via email and text. In order to receive a text, you must sign up at under All Students. I usually do not put a message on our voice mail, so please do not call the school. Simply check your email and/or text for any information. The texts do not contain a lot of information, so if you do receive one, you will also want to go to your email to read more details.

If I decide to close our school early, I will also send out an email and text, so if the weather becomes inclement during the day, please stay closely tuned to your phone and computer for notifications.

Have a good evening,

Miss Deb