A Few Items Before Break

March 23 - 9:10AM

Good morning to all!

Just a few items before we leave for Spring Break tomorrow afternoon:

  1. We regret to inform you about the loss of our Sprouts bunny named Roxy. She was five years old and passed away this past Sunday night. The children handled it well, although they were sad. Yesterday, Kai's mom donated another bunny to the class. He is black, very silky, and a lop-eared rabbit. He is very friendly and we are all currently working on a name for him. The children give us their ideas and then we pick the best one. Thanks Serena and Kai!!

  2. I would like to thank once again the families who brought home maple sap and boiled it into syrup for the kids. We began our waffle and syrup snacks yesterday and will finish them up today. The kids really appreciate their food more when they are actively involved with gathering and making it! Besides that, it is much more healthy and delicious when made right from the tree!

  3. Some of you are beginning to ask about Summer Camp. During the break I will finalize our summer camp plans as well as next year's tuition rates. We offer a 10% discount if tuition for the next year is paid in full by April 1st, so for those of you interested in the discount, begin thinking about that now! I will email all of you during the break.

  4. Today and tomorrow we are having our egg hunts and class parties, which is a lot of fun for all. The Elementary/Middle kids hide the eggs for the younger kids and we teachers hide the eggs for the Elementary/Middle. The older kids already packed the eggs this week with little treats. They can't wait! If anyone wishes to send in any spring treats for our parties, feel free and we appreciate it very much!

  5. I have been wanting to get back to all of you about the book I had finished reading entitled, "The Collapse of Parenting," by Leonard Sax, M.D., Ph.D. I highly recommend it to every parent on the planet! In my long career as a parent and a teacher/administrator, I have seen the changes in our youth and in parenting, and I truly believe that our youth are in peril because of a lack of and a fear of strong parenting these days. I also believe that we can turn it all around and help to recreate a culture of respect rather than the current culture of disrespect that is pervasive among kids of all ages in today's society. It's a great book to read during the spring break.

  6. Finally, remember that we do not have school on Friday and we will resume classes on Monday, April 4th. I hope you all enjoy this little break and that you all do something fun during the week off!

Happy Spring to all!

-Miss Deb

Easter Celebration

March 18 - 8:44PM

Dear Parents,

Next week on Wednesday and Thursday we will be having our Easter parties and celebrations in all classes. For Elementary, the party will be on Thursday. Egg hunts will also happen on both days for all classes.

If you wish to send in any special treats for those days, we welcome your contributions!

Once again, have a great weekend!

-Miss Deb

Spring Snow

March 18 - 8:44PM

Dear Parents,

Just a warning - we are hearing about a possible accumulation of snow on the first full day of spring! Please keep watch on your email and text messages (if you are on our Remind site) on Monday morning for possible notifications of a delay or closing.

This is the first year in my entire career that we haven't had even one snow day - I'm wondering if Mother Nature is saving the best for last!

If so, enjoy the short-lived snow, for spring is surely here. This is just a little hiccup!

Best to all, Miss Deb

Teen Arts

March 18 - 8:43PM

Dear Parents,

Miss Corrie, one of our Art teachers here at FOG, worked with the teens in our school to have them submit art pieces in Sussex County's Annual Teen Arts Festival at Sussex County College recently. Here is a short write up from Miss Corrie and an article attached from the newspaper:

On Tuesday March 15th I had the honor of attending the 2016 Teen Arts festival with two of Fields of Green's middle school students Connor and Angela. Both students submitted pencil drawings and both were selected to be on display in the SCCC Gallery from 3/22 - 4/12! Congratulations to Angela and Connor for all their hard! The exhibit is open to the public so go take a look!

The festival was held at Sussex county community college in Newton where 22 schools throughout Sussex county participated. It was a day designed to bring students and teachers together and share their creativity in visual arts, music, photography, drama and more. Our students, their mothers' and myself attempted to learn to juggle, Connor took an hour Anime course, and Angela took an iPhone photography class. The Teen Arts festival had its start in 1969 and I attended as a student in 1994! I am so glad I had the opportunity to share this experience with Connor and Angela and their mothers. We all had a great day!"

Also, don't forget to visit our page on Facebook to view all of the photos we take and publish there for all to see and share!

Have a great afternoon!

-Miss Deb

Sappy Discussion

March 8 - 3:53PM

Dear Parents,

As I am still tearing up after writing that last email, I would like to say thanks to all of you who are offering to boil up sap for us! We will be leaving gallon jugs by the front gate whenever we get them and you are welcome to take home as many gallons as you wish. Once again, if you are unfamiliar with the process, please ask and I will tell you how to do it correctly so you don't end up with maple sugar instead of syrup!

Also, we still need gallon water jugs as we have run out and are now filling up water coolers and our 5 gallon water jugs! I am guessing that this week will be the end of our short run, since the weather is going to stay warm and the sap will probably turn cloudy, signalling the end of sap season.

Please return any jugs you have used also, so that we can reuse them again next year.

Thanks again!!! -Miss Deb