Swim Club Begins Next Week!

April 26 - 1:26PM

Dear Elementary/Middle Parents,

Swim club is our annual Phys. Ed. activity for May. I just realized it is next week! We will be doing Thursdays from 1 to 2 (May 5, 12, 19) and Tuesday, the 31st. All days are from 1 to 2 at the YMCA in Hardyston. Prices vary depending if all kids sign up for it, but I can't imagine why you all wouldn't. It's usually really cheap. She is emailing me the price structure and I will let you know that asap. I just wanted to get this part of the message out today!

I will send home permission slips with price info this week!

Some Calendar Items to Note

April 26 - 1:25PM

Good afternoon everyone on this rainy (but much needed) day,

I wanted to update some calendar items and remind you of some already scheduled for May:

  1. On May 5th, Laura Norton from the county health department will be coming to give the Elementary/Middle kids a program on nutrition. This program is free of charge to us.

  2. On May 13th, we are going to try a spring camping trip for the Elementary/Middle kids - families and siblings of those kids are invited. I had stopped this second annual camping trip years ago because it always rained on our scheduled trip in the spring, but we are going to try it again. This time it will be at my house! There is a hydropower station and a dam nearby to take the kids to that involves our theme this year too.

  3. May 20th is THE LORAX!!! Yikes! We have so much yet to do to get ready! Don't forget to think about and work on your child's costume(s)!!! I will be giving out the sign jobs for those couple of people who asked for them this week. We still need a lot of props on that list, so please make sure you look over that list I sent a couple of weeks ago. I really can't afford to buy those props for the play. It is a half day of school and the play begins at 6 PM and there is an admission fee of $10 per person. Students and staff do not pay admission.

  4. On May 24th, the Elementary/Middle students are going to the American Museum of Natural History. I decided this instead of the play I was looking at. The cost is so much less and we can see so much more. I will send home information on this trip shortly.

  5. May 25th and 26th are Parent/Teacher Conferences. These are half days. Also there is a Bake Sale on those two days.

  6. We are closed on May 30th for Memorial Day.

A busy month!!!! Make sure your calendars are properly marked!!! I am also waiting to hear back from High Point State Park for a field trip for the Sprouts class. I will let you all know when I make that date.

A quick peek at a quick June.....

June 2 - Elementary/Middle kids are going to a special day in the Renaissance Faire.
June 3 - Half day for kids - Open House Set Up June 5 - OPEN HOUSE!!! A fun, fun day for all of our families here at FOG! June 1,2,6,7 - Fun Week! Details to come... June 8 - Last Day of School and Trip to High Point State Park Beach for a swimming day!

Thanks, Miss Deb

Lawn Maintenance Person Needed!

April 20 - 3:05PM

Dear Parents,

We are in need of a new lawn maintenance person for the spring and into the fall this year. This is a tuition exchange opportunity for anyone wanting the job, so it has to go to a family who will be staying with us for the next school year. It requires weekly cutting with our own zero-turn mower, and also weed whacking (I have to buy a THIRD one now that 2 of ours have been stolen out of our barn!). The total job usually takes about an hour and a half each week and it will take $60 per week off of tuition for anyone who is interested.

I need someone who is well versed in operating a zero turn machine and who can also do minor repairs, blade changing if needed, etc. I just paid about $500 for it to be completely serviced over the winter.

I have to give out this job on a first-come, first-serve basis, so get those replies in now if you are interested.

Thank you! -Miss Deb

Props Needed!

April 15 - 2:29PM

Good afternoon folks!

I am attaching a document that is a list of all props that we need from our families. If you are able to lend us or help make any of these props, we would appreciate it. You can send in props anytime and make sure your name is written somewhere on the prop so we can return them after the play.

There are also a bunch of set pieces we need help with - signs, etc., that would be a great Community Service project for those of you who haven't worked your 10 hours yet this year! Let me know if you are able to help with that also.

On the bottom of the attached list, I wrote a list of the props that kids/parents/teachers, including myself, already offered to bring in. If your child offered something and you actually don't have it, let me know and we will change it to the "Props Needed" section.

Thank you all - this play is a big deal to the kids each year and we all work very hard to make the play something fun and entertaining for all - thanks ahead of time for helping our little community produce this play!

-Miss Deb

Download Props_for_The_Lorax.docx

Checking In Over the Holiday

April 2 - 10:27AM

Good morning to all!

I hope you are all enjoying Spring Break! I have spent most of the time spring cleaning, which has been back breaking, but I can't complain - I enjoy being in my home for a change!

A couple of things:

  1. You will receive emailed statements next week. I realized I can't send out the statements yet since I hadn't finished entering some data to accounts before our break and I don't want them to be inaccurate.

  2. I have extended the deadline for the 10% off for paying tuition in full for next year. Originally slated for April 1st, it was hard to finish up tuition pricing this week being off, so I am extending that offer to April 15th.

  3. Sometime this weekend you can expect another email with our fall pricing and summer camp information. I will also send home hard copies when we get back to school next week. I am planning on finishing up those items on Sunday.

  4. SNOW???? Just be on the lookout for possible changes for Monday's trek back to school! I'm not sure how the weather will end up, but we could experience a delay on Monday morning. A closing would be surprising, but we will just have to wait and see. I'm sure none of us is looking forward to a cold week. Make sure you bundle up the kids in winter attire next week as well! It is supposed to be quite cold, but we will still be outside if the weather permits! I hope you didn't wash and put away all of those hats, gloves, boots and snowsuits yet!

  5. When we get back, we will be in full swing preparing for our play in May - hardly seems possible! The older kids have been practicing already, but we will begin to send out lines for those Sprouts who we are thinking of giving a few lines. All Elementary/Middle and Sprouts kids will be in the play. We usually don't have Seedlings participate, but we strongly encourage those parents to bring their kids to the play so they can watch their school mates perform and see what it will be like for them when they are Sprouts.

Remember we are doing the Lorax, so feel free to purchase the movie and allow your child to memorize it. Kids are so good at doing that and seem to enjoy the repetition. We have changed a few things since we are not able to become animated characters, but the kids will get the basic idea about what's involved if they watch the movie and they will learn the songs too. We will be showing it a few times in school, but for young ones who cannot read scripts yet, the best thing is to watch it over and over. You will start to see some emails about items needed, help with making certain props, etc. Many of you pledged to do community service and time is beginning to run out, so maybe you can consider helping with the play.

Stay warm and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

-Miss Deb