Some Timely Reminders

November 15, 2016

Good afternoon on this wonderfully wet day!

We truly need this rain, so let's all rejoice! Here are a few items to note:

  1. I sent out the Read to Feed fundraiser a while back and haven't heard much discussion about it. I decided to extend the program until December 15th, so we can make a holiday contribution to Heifer International. If you have forgotten to begin Read to Feed, get out your information and let's get going to raise some much needed money to help those who have much less than us to help themselves! If you lost your packets and wish to receive a new one, I still have some extras to give out.

  2. This Thursday and Friday is our Soup/Pie Sale. We ask families to donate a pie or quart of soup (in a non-returnable container) right in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Pies will be sold for $10 and a quart of soup will sell for $8. Make sure you label your pie or soup so that we know what kind it will be! This time of year is really nice to go home with some already made dinner and dessert for the same day or even to save it to use during your holiday meal.

  3. For Seedlings and Sprouts - don't forget to send in your items for the Stone Soup we are making next week!

  4. For Elementary/Middle, regarding our P.E. classes - we were unable to secure the bowling alley until November 29th. We will then bowl every Tuesday, same time as usual, for the next four weeks. Today instead, Meredith Walling will teach the kids a yoga class instead. Thanks Meredith!!

  5. For the Elementary/Middle Thanksgiving celebration at my home, we will meet there at 10 am next Tuesday. I am sending home permission slips today, so make sure you check your child's folder. While I'm on the subject of folders, also please make sure that you empty the left side of the folders on a daily basis. Some kids keep coming back with their papers and parents miss important information when this happens.

  6. Thanks to all of you who finally sent in recipes for our cookbook! Now we have enough and Jenn is hard at work creating the book for us to sell as a holiday season gift if you so desire, or just for your own families. There are some great recipes! We will still accept last minute recipes should you still wish to send one or more in.

Any questions?

Have a good day! -Miss Deb