Some Calendar Items to Note

April 26, 2016

Good afternoon everyone on this rainy (but much needed) day,

I wanted to update some calendar items and remind you of some already scheduled for May:

  1. On May 5th, Laura Norton from the county health department will be coming to give the Elementary/Middle kids a program on nutrition. This program is free of charge to us.

  2. On May 13th, we are going to try a spring camping trip for the Elementary/Middle kids - families and siblings of those kids are invited. I had stopped this second annual camping trip years ago because it always rained on our scheduled trip in the spring, but we are going to try it again. This time it will be at my house! There is a hydropower station and a dam nearby to take the kids to that involves our theme this year too.

  3. May 20th is THE LORAX!!! Yikes! We have so much yet to do to get ready! Don't forget to think about and work on your child's costume(s)!!! I will be giving out the sign jobs for those couple of people who asked for them this week. We still need a lot of props on that list, so please make sure you look over that list I sent a couple of weeks ago. I really can't afford to buy those props for the play. It is a half day of school and the play begins at 6 PM and there is an admission fee of $10 per person. Students and staff do not pay admission.

  4. On May 24th, the Elementary/Middle students are going to the American Museum of Natural History. I decided this instead of the play I was looking at. The cost is so much less and we can see so much more. I will send home information on this trip shortly.

  5. May 25th and 26th are Parent/Teacher Conferences. These are half days. Also there is a Bake Sale on those two days.

  6. We are closed on May 30th for Memorial Day.

A busy month!!!! Make sure your calendars are properly marked!!! I am also waiting to hear back from High Point State Park for a field trip for the Sprouts class. I will let you all know when I make that date.

A quick peek at a quick June.....

June 2 - Elementary/Middle kids are going to a special day in the Renaissance Faire.
June 3 - Half day for kids - Open House Set Up June 5 - OPEN HOUSE!!! A fun, fun day for all of our families here at FOG! June 1,2,6,7 - Fun Week! Details to come... June 8 - Last Day of School and Trip to High Point State Park Beach for a swimming day!

Thanks, Miss Deb