Science Fair Projects

June 01, 2016

Good afternoon Elementary/Middle parents,

In all of this information I've been trying to keep straight I keep forgetting to write to my own class about our Science Fair projects this year. The kids were supposed to take their projects home last Friday to begin at home over the weekend, and since I was in the garden trying to finish up their plantings, most of them forgot to take them.

We only have a couple of days left before Open House, but I am planning on having their projects out and displayed on Sunday. I told the kids that they must conduct the experiments at home (it's a GROSS Science Fair this year! Only a couple of kids refuse to get gross.) and I will take care of their displays at school.

Most experiments we chose together are easy and quick due to the lack of time, so please help your child to finish their experiments and then bring EVERYTHING in from your experiment on Friday.

Thanks, and hold onto your hats because time is passing us by so quickly it feels like a windstorm!

Debra Smorto