Props Needed!

April 24, 2013

Hello Parents,

There are a few things that we could use for the play in the form of props. If you have any of these items, please email me back and let me know so I can consider them taken care of. If you lend any props to us, make sure you have your name on them so we can return them to you after the play.

  1. We need what looks like fish eggs about the size of a tennis ball. Anyone have tennis balls they want to paint orangish red? We need a pile of them, maybe 10 or so.
  2. A large fishing net
  3. A plastic fish skeleton
  4. Top hats and canes (We need 3 sets)
  5. Clear garbage bags – large size (large kitchen bag size or larger is fine). We need about 4.
  6. I need someone to make what looks like a window out of a piece of poster board. In the background should be boats/a harbor scene.
  7. A red throw carpet, about 4 x 8 or something around that size. Even a 3 x 6 is ok.
  8. A pink throw rug, in the shape of an oval.

(Basically they are going to be the bottom of the whale’s mouth with the pink rug being the tongue, if that helps anyone visualize it.)

If you help to make anything we need, remember to include that in your community service hours!

Thanks, Deb