Picture Info

October 05, 2016

Good morning!

This week's picture taking sessions went wonderful. Bruce from Forever Studio is always excellent at what he does. Yesterday we sent home more notices about how to view and order your child's school pictures. The notice looks similar to the first one you received, so make sure you read this one carefully. It gives a password for you to get into the right page to view your photos. He either had them up last night or will have them up today if you wish to view them. Since we have lovely natural backgrounds, we always choose to photograph our kids outside and against these rural backgrounds. Enjoy, and if you have any questions, please let me know.

We are sending home booklets from Heifer International that describe our month-long fundraiser entitled "Read to Feed." All families can participate in this fundraiser for the organization whether your child can read or not. You can read to your child and that will count as well. We have been a longtime advocate and supporter of Heifer for many years. This Thursday beginning at 10 am, Heifer is coming to us here at FOG to do some fun and interactive programs with the kids to help them understand about world hunger and how they can help to not only feed others in the world, but help them to help themselves. Heifer is a type of Pay-It-Forward organization and we truly believe in their efforts around the world. Read about how their organization works and I think you too will become avid supporters also. If your child does not normally attend on Thursday, we certainly invite you to come along and stay for the approximate 45 minute program in Miss Caroline's classroom!

Some of the Elementary/Middle kids are doing additional projects with Heifer besides Read to Feed. The Upper Elementary/Middle kids are doing "Chores for Change" and the Middle School kids are going to learn a curriculum called, "Get It." This curriculum is all about world trade and how they can grow up and make better choices when buying products. These projects are being introduced this week so you will receive more info on this as the week progresses.

Let's help our kids learn that they can do a lot to help others in this world!

-Miss Deb