Order Reminders/Play

April 23, 2013

Dear Parents,

Since I am completely enmeshed into the production of our play next week at this point, I just wanted to remind you now while I still can remember, to send in any milk or lunch orders for the month of May. Also, any musical instrument lesson payments are due next week. This month flew by so fast – I feel like I just sent this reminder the other day!

We are working at the church this entire week staging the kids, working out the kinks, etc. and next week is rehearsal all week for the entire school. The kids are such champs and doing excellent so far! What I truly enjoy is the collaboration I have with the students – I allow them to make suggestions throughout the entire process, thus helping them to take on leadership positions, increase their self confidence, and also become much more invested in the creation of this work, since it becomes not just mine, but theirs as well. The kids are smart and sometimes have a better handle on things than I do, and I want to take this time to congratulate them so far in their efforts to help make this play what it is. Hats off to them!!

Just make sure all of your kids practice their lines EVERY DAY!!!! And for those who have CD’s to practice songs with, make sure they study them deeply so they can be synchronized with the song with their lyrics.

Have a great day! Deb