Online Learning During COVID

April 04, 2020

Hello to all in this stressful and confusing time,

I am happy to announce that our Elementary/Middle students did not miss even a day when we had to close on Friday, March 13th. By that next Monday, we were Zooming! We keep the same schedule as we normally did when we were physically present in our classroom. We have class work based upon their various ages and levels between 9 and 11:30 while on Zoom. Then we leave the meeting for a half hour lunch and half hour recess. Then at 12:30 we have specials such as Music, Art, Foreign Language (using Rosetta Stone), Yoga/Meditation, and on Tuesdays we now have a virtual field trip to somewhere around the globe. Our first field trip last week was a trip to the Timucuan National Park in Florida, where we had a live ranger give us a virtual field trip to their park. It was very engaging and even I learned so much! Next week we are visiting the Met in NYC. Then, from 1:30 to 2:45, we do more school work in a Zoom meeting. After that, the kids do their chores at home and then a final recess period, then homework.

Our Sprouts and Seedlings classrooms were working online for the first week of our closure, and that was a bit more challenging as the kids don't have the attention span to last all day online. After that first week, we had to make the decision to furlough our teachers since we realized we would not be receiving full tuitions for the time being and could not afford to keep the school afloat having to pay salaries.

The teachers are now at home and meeting on Zoom twice a week to read stories and give parents and kids ideas on projects they can do at home. They do this voluntarily so that the kids can still "see" one another and know that their teachers have not abandoned them. We all can't wait to be together once again.

I am thinking hard at how to resume our Sprouts and Seedlings somehow until we reopen, so stay tuned for more ideas!

Until then, please be careful and stay healthy! This too shall pass...

Miss Deb Owner/Director