One More Thing

April 26, 2016

Dear Parents,

Now, my brain is going to pop soon.....

I forgot to mention that, after our free demo from the United Martial Arts Center (UMAC), they offered us a great deal to teach the Sprouts on a weekly basis for 4 weeks, so I am going to foot the bill in order that ALL of our Sprouts are able to take the class! The classes begin next Wednesday from 10:15 to 10:45. If your child does not normally attend on Wednesdays, you are certainly welcome to bring them and stay with them for the half hour class each week. The dates are May 4, 11, 18 and 25.

I will send home permission slips that must be signed in order for your child to participate.

And then one more thing..

Just so you all know, since the play is approaching fast, the Sprouts will be viewing the movie, The Lorax, a number of times so they, as non-readers, can fully understand the movie and their part in the play. We will also have combined rehearsals with the Elementary/Middle kids so that all children know where to be, when to come in, etc. It's an exciting time for the kids!

Hopefully I didn't miss anything else! Miss Deb