Next Week's Festivities

November 12, 2013

Dear Families,

Next week on Thursday and Friday, we are having our annual soup/pie sale. This can be a really fun event because it is a great way of sharing different foods and sometimes recipes between families. It helps us all to change up our menus for the holidays or just simply go home with dinner and dessert those days!

How it works is this:

Soup - Think of a soup you would like to make. Once made, we ask that you package it in any quart size container that you won’t need back (the Chinese food containers or canning jars work best), label it and deliver it to the school by next Wednesday. You can bring in as many quarts as you like. If you would like to share your recipe please add that to your container. Chili or interesting sauces, etc. are also something to consider making for the sale too.

Pie – Think of a pie you would like to make. Please make it in a tin or other dish that you do not need back. Make sure you label it and deliver it to school by next Wednesday. You can bring in as many pies as you would like and if you would like to add your recipe to your pie, please do so! Pot pies or other creative pies are also acceptable!

Everything sells for $8 each.

If you are going to participate in this event, let me know what you will be making and then I can send out a yummy list of soups, pies, etc. that will be available. It will get all of our taste buds ready for some good things to eat!

Thanks so much for all you do for our school!