High Point Trip Info

June 06, 2016

Good afternoon parents,

Please find the attached form for our last day of school High Point beach day. Please realize that we have NO staffing at the school on this, our last day of school. We hope you can all join us! We love to have a comfortable visit with everyone on the last day - it has been a tradition here at Fields of Green for many years.

You can email me your responses, and if your child (Sprouts and older students only) needs a ride to the park, I will pair your child up with a parent who is willing to drive from the school. You can then make an agreement to arrange pick up of your child at the end of the day with your child's chaperone. We truly appreciate each and every parent who offers to help chaperone kids who would otherwise not be able to go if their parent has to work.

Thanks! Miss Deb

Download High_Point_Trip.docx