Happy 3 Day Weekend!

January 13, 2017

Good afternoon to all!

A few items to note:

  1. Don't forget we are closed this coming Monday for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

  2. We began sending home our Valentine's Day chocolate fundraiser information today. We do business with Rose Mountain Chocolatier, a very local, fair trade, organic, etc. chocolate company right here in Vernon! I think her chocolate is the best, to be quite honest. Go visit her on Rt. 638, right off of Rt. 515 at the top of the hill. Please have all orders back to us by January 26th for delivery on February 9th.

  3. Some of our Elementary/Middle kids have used up all of their toothpaste, so please replenish their supplies please! We have been sending home notes but we still haven't seen replacements sent in. Help us to keep your kids' teeth healthy!

  4. Make sure your children - INCLUDING Elementary/Middle kids - have replacement clothing here at school, especially during the winter with wet snow, mud, accidents, etc. Cold, wet bodies mean cranky kids!

  5. Next Wednesday, our friend and humane educator, Miss Jan, will come to the Elementary/Middle classroom to discuss a wonderful subject - RATS!!! I have just released our scripts for our play this year and you got it! RATATOUILLE! Since our theme is "We Are What We Eat," I felt that this play would be the best because I like the inherent theme in the movie, which is, "Anyone can cook," and also they talk about the fact that we are what we eat in the play! Seedlings do not perform in this play, but most of the Sprouts will be, you guessed it - rats - so costumes will be easy this year! Parents are responsible for obtaining/making all costumes, so get your thinking caps on since May comes around so quickly! I will send a final character list as soon as I finalize everything and then you can plan your child's costume. More information will come soon!

  6. The week of January 23rd is School Choice Week. We love celebrating this week because we are so thankful that all of you made the choice to send your child here to Fields of Green. For that we are always thankful, and we, along with your kids, celebrate by inviting you to breakfast here at FOG on January 25th from 9:30 to 11. The kids become your waiters, waitresses and cooks as they serve you as if you are in a restaurant! This also fits in with our play, since it takes place in a restaurant. We won't have rats cooking your food, though. More info is to come, but please mark your calendars for that morning so your child can serve you breakfast.

  7. Since Monday is a holiday, I want to remind all Ski Club members to make sure to bring your ski gear and to dress properly on Tuesday when we come back!

Have a great weekend! Miss Deb