Goats, chicks, costumes, etc.

April 15, 2013

Good morning!

Well, I am so happy to report that my daughter picked up the goat on Friday, thanks to all of you wonderful families who helped donate toward saving his life! We actually got about $75 more than we needed, so I will use that extra money to pay for the vaccinations for the other goats that we will also get on Wednesday when the vet comes to neuter and vaccinate the goat. Some info: His name is Cocoa, and he is the SWEETEST goat!! He is half brown and half white, with small horns and the nicest disposition!! He is still at my home and I will bring him tomorrow. The kids will all fall in love with him! I am so glad that we were able as a community to give him the great life that he so deserves! Thank you deeply, all of you....

Also, we will be getting six more chickens (still chicks right now) today. A friend of a friend of the school bought the chicks and planned on having them at her home, but her landlord refused to let her keep them, so we will be taking care of them for now and if she can find a way to take them back, she will. In exchange for us caring for her chicks, she will help the school with some animal chores. The chicks for now will be living with the partridge in the outdoor cage we just built last week, so that will work out fine. Once they mature a little, we will then place them with the older chickens in the barnyard. The kids will really enjoy these as well!

Lots to do outside, now that it’s spring. We will be tilling the garden next weekend and then planting time is at hand! We could use a lot of help with the flower beds also – getting them ready for the season – so for those of you that need community service hours, now’s the time! You can do things for the school even on the weekend if it’s outdoor work, so those of you who work and can’t get here during the week – let me know and I will set you up with a chore or two!

I would like to thank Carlos Alfaro, a former parent in our school, and Logan’s dad, Ed Gumpy, for spending the weekend digging a trench to put in an electric line back to our goat fence so that we can finally put up our electric fence to guard against any more bear issues.

Busy, busy, busy!!!!

Also, regarding the play, I was able to borrow a bunch of fish hats from another play I saw at my local high school last weekend. For Sprouts, I have extra foam-type fish hats if anyone wishes to borrow them. I just have to return them after our play is done.

Our sewing teacher, Miss Karen, figured out something great for any kids who are jellyfish in the play. She said a clear shower cap – like those found in hotels, with streamers attached, will fit over a child’s head and look great as jellyfish! Since they are clear, you can put in colored tissue paper for the color of the jellyfish. I realize that some of our jellyfish are boys and they aren’t keen on being pink jellyfish, so I would also accept light blue or white as a color for the jellyfish.

Misha’s mom also found an interesting hat for the turtles to wear, should you be interested. At the dollar store she found an alligator hat/mask, which if you cut off the snout, the eyes look just like turtle eyes, so if anyone is interested in obtaining those for turtles to wear on their heads, let me know and you can coordinate with her or go to the dollar store to get one.

Have a great day!! Deb