Fun Events Coming

November 28, 2017

Good afternoon everyone on this gorgeous day!

First, I want to give a huge thanks to Alan St. Jean, our school's longtime supporter, friend and author of children's books who came to visit our Elementary class yesterday. He lives in Ohio but travels the country doing school presentations and writing workshops. He did a writing workshop with our kids and they created two stories, using the idea of plot, character development, conflict, etc. He loves to tell stories as well so he entertained the kids with a few of his own. Currently some of the lower Elementary kids are working on reading his first book, Aiden of Oren, that is in a three part series. All of his books are wonderful and fun to read for any age, even adults (I happened to read the Aiden series which I completely enjoyed). He has written some picture books and also books geared for older students. Feel free to do some Christmas shopping on his website,

Thanks to Victoria Young, our fundraising coordinator, we are having two events this month! On December 18th and 19th, we are having a Holiday Shop, where we will set up a classroom like a store so kids can do their own "shopping" for their loved ones, guided by parents and older students. You will be receiving a flyer about his event, along with an envelope that you can put some money into and send back to school so your child can use that to go shopping!

Also, the kids are working on making things to sell at an Art Sale that will occur after our Holiday Concert on the 21st. We did this years ago and it was a really fun event. This will coincide with our Cookie Exchange fundraiser that is an annual event also after the concert. Get those cookie recipes ready!

Have a good evening! Miss Deb