Fresh Produce at FOG!!

May 26, 2017

Good afternoon,

I am happy to announce that the Earthman Farm, which is right up the street from us, will be setting up a produce table here at FOG! Miss Liz, Earthman's daughter, is a teacher here and we discussed how nice it would be if parents could come during drop off and pick up times and leave with some fresh veggies and herbs!

Earthman (Dennis), although he cannot claim his farm as "Certified Organic," does use organic methods in growing his vegetables. The veggies brought here will be freshly picked and will still be chock full of important nutrients that often gets lost when produce sits on shelves and in boxes for days.

When we get the table set up here, there will be a price per pound and it will be a self-serve, honor system for buying your veggies. His prices are amazingly low. You can also visit the farm and pick your own veggies when his sign is out stating he is open as you pass by.

Thanks Miss Liz and Dennis, for bringing your healthy goodness to our school! We can't wait to see the table set up soon!

-Miss Deb