Fabulous Friday Fun Here at FOG!

November 16, 2016

Good morning!

This Friday we are having two visitors to our school that will presenting programs to all of the students!

The first is Miss Jan Berlin, from Everything Animals, who will do a live animal program entitled, "What's on the Menu?" that goes along with our yearly theme. She will discuss all about the things that animals eat and will bring along some of her favorite friends! The cost for this will be taken out of your Activity Fees, so no money is needed to send in.

The second is Miss Amanda Hayes, who is an Americorps NJ Watershed Ambassador. She will be teaching the kids all about water and how it is important to all of us. This is a free program.

For those who do not normally attend on Fridays and who wish to share the morning with us, feel free to bring your child and stick around for both programs. Miss Jan will begin her program at 10 am for Seedlings and Sprouts in the Barn Room (Miss Caroline's classroom), and then at 10:30, Miss Amanda will enter and do her program. Figure on an hour or so - a half hour for each program.

We look forward to a Fabulous Friday here at FOG!

-Miss Deb