Delayed Opening today

December 05, 2016

Good morning!

Today we will experience a delayed opening. ALL CLASSES WILL BEGIN AT 11 AM. Kids scheduled for the morning session may attend from 11 to 1 and can bring a lunch. There is no morning early care.

Staff arrives shortly before 11, so please do not attempt to drop off your child before 11 am.

We also are now listed on WSUS in their Delays and Closings area of their website, so you can also go there to look for a delay or closing, although no details are given there so you must also check your email for specific information.

For those new with us, I usually post a delay or cancellation due to weather by 6:30 am, and if you do find that I have posted a delay, always check your email before leaving for school to make sure that a delay hasn't turned into a closing. We hate to see families drive out in bad weather if we have decided to close.

Those of you who would like a text message sent, you must sign up with our list. You received information on that site when you registered your child.

Thank you, and please drive carefully!

-Miss Deb