Coming Events

March 29, 2019
  1. We have just finished casting all of our Sprouts for the play! The Elementary/Middle kids helped to pick out the kids' parts. They help me co-produce the play so they feel completely invested in their performance. You will receive the list of the Sprouts parts in your child's folder. If your child has any lines, a copy of those lines will also be attached. We try to make a child's first time on stage in a play easy and fun, so we do not pressure most of them with having to speak lines. Only a couple of children will have lines, and those will be limited to one or two lines. The Sprouts will be viewing the movie a few times so they can understand the timing of their parts and what they will need to do. Once we get closer to the date, we will practice in the church next door. Remember that you are responsible for your child's costume, although we have a professional costume designer mom in our midst and we are trying to figure out how she can help us out. More info on that soon. In the meantime, make sure you view the movie with your child and also go online to grab screen shots of what your child's costume should look like. I am always available to answer questions if you have any. Please feel free to call the school or email me with your questions.

  2. I have received some of our Toy Fair Fundraiser educational toy picks. I have decided that on nice days, the Elementary/Middle kids will man a table outside during drop offs and pick ups to sell the items as they come in. I don't have much storage space and I think it will be good practice for them to market the items and work with money. So far I have received some quality wooden puzzles in 100 piece packs. The company sells more than what I bought in smaller and larger piece sets, and we are happy to take orders if we don't have what you are looking for. We also have a number of the "Opoly" games, which are takeoffs from Monopoly. There is Cat-opoly, Horse-opoly, etc. They all look so fun to play! This company, too, can take orders on games we may not have in our small stock. We will wait for a really nice day before setting up a table, but get ready to have fun shopping! I will be receiving other Toy Fair picks in the next couple of weeks, so more will come out as the days warm up!

  3. Our Seeds of Wonder Nature Camp info will be coming out next week also! Watch your child's folder for that information. It's going to be a summer of fun learning and play!

  4. Many new Community Service projects will be available this spring so those of you who signed up to complete your Community Service hours can do so. I will be making a list of the many things we need done this spring before school ends. Stay tuned for that!

  5. Don't forget also to mark your calendars for our Open House on Saturday, June 1st! All staff is required to attend that day. Remind friends and family to mark the day too so they can join you! It is a fun, family day from 11 to 3. We will have a Silent Auction, a BBQ potluck lunch, bouncy house, games for kids, goat grooming and hopefully some music for all!