Baby, it's cold outside!

October 27, 2016

Good morning!

I was going to write this last week, but we seemed to turn back into summer, so now I can write this!

Now that the days are cooling off quite quickly, especially in the mornings, please make sure that your child comes dressed in layers! For the morning, your child should have a hat, gloves and a winter-type jacket, and as the day warms up they can change into wearing a lighter jacket or fleece that you should send in their backpacks each day. Warm shoes are a MUST! Remember, we are outside every day for a half hour minimum three times a day. Bare legs, open feet with light socks just don't cut it here at FOG. It is important that a child can come packed to the hilt with clothing and then shed layers as the days warm up.

Also, check out the latest local DIRT Magazine - I wrote an article about our theme and it got in! They had to shrink it down a bit due to space considerations, but it still turned out okay. Charles and Kelsey from our Uppers class are now famous, since they printed that photo out of many I sent in!

Have a lovely day!

Miss Deb