A few items

November 21, 2013

Good afternoon everyone,

A few items to note:

  1. I would like to thank Maria DeGaetano for coming in yesterday afternoon to work with the Elementary kids in cooking, helping them to prepare their donations for the Soup/Pie Sale. It was a lot of work, but Maria helped them turn out a pumpkin chocolate chip pie and a quart of pumpkin soup! Thanks Maria!
  2. I would also like to thank those folks who brought in donations for the sale – everything looked so yummy and I can’t wait to taste the soup and bread I bought!
  3. The Sprouts and Seedlings kids will begin cutting up their veggies tomorrow in class for next week’s Stone Soup. They will also cut veggies next week and will be eating their soup on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.
  4. Also, thanks to those who joined our Organic Co-op so we can help keep the group intact! The Elementary kids always enjoy their jobs weighing and sorting vegetables when they come. They also learn a great deal about unusual vegetables and since we also purchase a share for the school, it gives them great tasting and healthy vegetables and fruits.

Have a great evening! Deb